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I saw this post from +kncfit and I just loved loved loved it and so felt I had to share... Social media is a beautiful way to connect.. use it wisely!

Real life vs Instagram
Instagram has changed this culture. I feel like every time I'm on my explore feed I'm looking at straight porn. Full nude, 19 year old girls in (barely) thongs bending over, girls walking around in see through everything.
All for what. Some followers? Some likes? Some Insta fame?
My thoughts? It's all bullshit. Yes booty are totally okay (I'm guilty), confidence is good, but there's a limit. There's a strong difference between sexy and just sex.
You could have all the followers in the world, and still not be successful.
Social media success or fame shouldn't come from your followers, rather than the message you portray to others. Social media should be your platform to inspire and reach out to others, not show your who ha in every which direction.
Let's try to start making connections and friendship via social media through our words, and not our buttholes, ya?

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