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Well I'll be damned, what a year 2016 has been… am I right? I’m right. I mean we have lost legends, Brexit, Trump… it’s been a challenging year for many. Myself no different. I’ve mentioned before the trials and tribulations, the closed doors of past chapters, people have walked of my life and I walked away from others… at the same time I opened my heart to a new world, started a new chapter and made new memories. Truth be told, despite the hardships this year has been pretty freaking badass!!!

So the main new thing in my life, well person is Francisco.. otherwise known as Kiko, or Keeks. He was the most unexpected surprise of 2016, we started off as best friends and to this day he is still my best friend, we just became so much more than that. I don’t post a lot about Kiko in my public media – there are reasons for this which I plan to go into in another post soon none the less he is very much a HUGE part in my life and my happiness. Kiko grew up in Madeira, an island of Portugal and he had a very different upbringing to me which has led him to see the world in a way I only wish I could have seen sooner. The contentment he finds in the simplicities of day to day life inspires me every single day and he is a lot of the inspiration behind the way I choose to live my life now. Less really is more when appreciated to the fullest.

I mentioned on my Instagram today that I was back in the gym after my mini Christmas break and from boxing day that’s when I generally tend to dive into my following years goals. Mainly because I’m impatient, I hate that limbo week between Christmas and New Years. I’ve enjoyed the festivities and I am ready to go!! Today I purchased this cute little booklet for goals and got to writing them out straight away. I thought it would be nice to share some of them with you, and the reasoning behind my new goals. I don’t go about these things lightly you know!

So… Inspired by 2016, here are some of my goals going into 2017:

Balance: I live my life at 100 miles an hour 80% of the time, one of my constant struggles has been the balancing act between my career, fitness, relationships and family. I often get caught up in determination for one element and in turn neglect another. All of these parts of my world mean everything to me, my first goal which I will prioritise over all the rest is to find that happy balance and ensure I am giving my best to all areas of my life that are of importance to me.

Fitness: I conquered several of my fears in regards to fitness this year and achieved more than I ever have – that being said I have much more to learn. There are two key roadblocks I need to get past to get to the next stage in my fitness goals, the first being my fear of gaining weight. I need to learn to be confident in my body in every status it is at, to gain muscle I have to ditch the scales, eat more and lift those weights!! I have a plan though… and it’s in progress. Once I’m in flow I’ll share with you. The second mental roadblock I need jump over is my hate of rest days – my early morning work outs set my day off with a bang and an instant feeling of succeeding, they give me a sense of purpose and a reason to get up and go if you like… on my rest days I feel like I am out of routine and often demonstrate an attitude of a lost puppy. Too often this year I have skipped out on rest days not allowing my body to recover and muscles to grow which I feel has held me back tremendously.

Money Money Money: I am notoriously bad with it. I earn it, I spend it. Just recently I have got more into minimalizing areas of my life to appreciate what I already have more. I have also learnt to value my time – having so little of it free, when I go to purchase an item I have taught myself to think ‘how many hours, would I need to work to pay for this luxury? Is it really worth it’ Last week I boxed up 30 odd some unused nail varnishes and gave them to Kiko’s niece, today I put together a big bag of clothing, again some unused for my local cancer research charity store. Whilst those items have ultimately not gone to waste and will be appreciated, that’s several hundreds of pounds I could have put towards something for my future. I HAVE to stop mindlessly spending my future. I have some really good ideas for how I am going to start saving money and minimalizing my life, all of which I will share as I do and I hope they can be of benefit to yourselves.

Career & Education: going hand in hand with the above, in 2017 I plan to work harder than I ever have before. Finish my qualifications in personal training so I can offer qualified coaching. Take every opportunity to better myself in my day job, and every opportunity to learn something new, be it free online courses, reading more, listening to more podcasts, watching youtube videos is one of my favourite things to do I’ve mentioned before, you can learn so much from how other people live their lives and find instant inspiration should you take the time to look for it.

So there you have it, my main goals for 2017, the what the why’s and some of the how’s.
As always I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my random rambles, everyone who has supported me and Blonde Ambitions through 2016 and I can’t wait to share another year of my life with you in 2017!

My love always, Blonde xox

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