Photoshoot Prep 2016!

Hello my fellow foodies and fitness fanatics!!
What a crazy, trialing and full of tribulations but amazing year 2016 has been!

I mentioned a little while ago that I was doing a shred for my first ever photo shoot!

… so I figured I would share with you the results and some details on how I did it!

19th August 2016

December 9th 2016

I tried a couple of different shredding methods before I settled on the one that worked the best for me…

* Intermittent fasting – eating all of my food within a set period of time and fasting for 16 hour periods -  worked a charm for the first couple of weeks and then my body started getting used to it and storing food to cover fasting periods…

* Then I moved on to carb back loading – eating protein throughout the day and eating ALL of my carbs in the evening after training.. again I plateu’d pretty quickly on this, I also struggled immensely with weight training on no carbs after a full day at the office and fasted cardio in the morning – wasn’t for me.

* Finally, meal plan 3 – this one was my lucky charm. 6 meals covering all fats, complex carbs and proteins throughout the day to keep me fuelled and allow me to keep up with my training. It was the exact same meals every day for 3 weeks solid.
Meal 1 – 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 25g smoked salmon and seeds
Meal 2 – 50g strawberries/raspberries, 50g blueberries, 1.5 scoops whey protein and a little water blended into a thick shake (sooo good, staple part of my daily diet even now)
Meal 3 – (Lunch) 100g Brown Rice, 100g Brocolli, 125g Chicken Breast
Meal 4 – (1 hour pre work out) 100g Sweet Potato, 100g Spinach, 125g White Fish
Meal 5 – 1 Scoop whey protein, Post workout
Meal 6 – 100 Salmon fillet, 100g Spinach or green beans.

Exceptions: Cardio only days, remove Sweet Potato from meal 4.

Supplements: L-Carnitine x 2, BCAA mixed with 25g Dextrose intra weight training. BCAA standard during all training. Grenade 50. Calibre workout. One multi vitamin daily. Quest impact whey protein.

Drinks: 2 x Coffee’s with skimmed milk and stevia, one in the morning and one at lunch. Green Tea – Unlimited. Water – Minimum 4 ltres a day.

Exercise, Fasted cardio – 7 mornings a week. Weight Training – 4 evenings a week – 2 lower body, 2 upper body – high volume training.

HighsSkin looked incredible from all the micro nutrients and clean foods, energy was high and consistent. Slept like a baby. Abs really started showing quickly.
Lows: Bland food… I missed cooking adventurous meals and got so sick of salmon it was unbelievable. Probably couldn’t have continued this level of strict eating longer than the 3 weeks I was doing it.

Photoshoot week… I kept all of my foods the same, stopped drinking water around lunch time the day before. Got my first ever pro fake tan the night before the shoot, my goodness what a difference it makes to your physical appearance! On the morning of the shoot pre shoot I had two coffees and half a bag of haribo to have a slightly less flat appearance.

There you have it, exactly how I shred down 7lbs and 3% body fat for my first ever photoshoot :0)

One thing I plan to continue post shred is the 5-6 meals throughout the day, drinking 4 ltres of water a day and keeping 80% of my foods non processed.
Instant changes: Cardio is cut down to only 3 days weekly, still weight training 4 days a week however I am now doing this mainly in the mornings so that I can enjoy some spare time at home in the evenings over the festive season.

The diet above, and cardio levels is a quick fix method – it should never be done for extended periods of time. Fasted cardio over extended periods of time can cause detrimental effects on your metabolism.
All portions mentioned were set to me, for my weight and my physical goals. I recommend you always work out your own macro requirements using the help of a professional or macro calculator – you can then adjust portions to meet your macro needs.

Special thank you to:

Ash Bailey, David Alfonsi and Dave Titteron for unlimited advise and guidance through out the process.

Extra special thank you to: my darling Kiko <3 for putting up with me through the entire process, supporting and encouraging me to keep me going when I needed it most.

Photo shoot was with Simon Howard (would highly recommend, he relaxed me within minutes of being there, and all of the best photos were a result of my being relaxed)

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