BYE 2017!!!

2017……. What can I say, you were a bit of a head banger weren’t ya!!

Break ups, make ups, cancer scares, depression, anxiety, binge eating….
Then there were house moves, meeting incredible women I now can’t imagine being without, getting qualified in the fitness industry, getting qualified in the nutrition industry, business start up’s and celebratory nights out with amazing people that I will never forget!
Nearly every time I started walking in one direction the road would get windy and it was like someone was screaming PLOT TWIST!!!
What’s more, is nearly everyone I know, had a rough 2017. In some cases, I would even go as far as to say I had it easy.
I aint mad bout it though!! Not even a little bit!
Every one of those experiences taught me something new about myself, taught me to trust strangers a little less, my intuition a little more.
2017 taught me how to be alone, how to be my own best friend and how to love myself in a way I never really had before. That journey of finding me, has helped me to be a better person to others in my life. So when they say being selfish is a bad thing – is it? Really?
My prediction is that 2018 will continue to trial and teach all of us, and my hope is that we can use our experiences from 2017 to create new blessings for our lives going forward. Why be bitter when you can be better?
So long 2017. I’m over you. Come at me 2018!!


Pre and Post Workout Nibble Ideas!

Reasons to eat 45-60 minutes pre-workout: Fuel. Aim for 30-40g protein – research from the University of Birmingham has shown that pre-workout protein will likely help to build more muscle due to spiking your plasma amino acids encouraging protein synthesis. Then aim for 30-50g carbohydrates for performance boosting benefit. Simple.

Reasons to eat within 60 minutes post workout: Refuel. Aim for 30-40g Protein - Post workout protein has proven in numerous studies to stimulate more protein synthesis than protein eaten whilst at rest. Aim to accompany this with 0.5-1g per kilogram of bodyweight of post workout carbohydrates - Post workout carbs help to replace glycogen (energy stores) that your muscles have depleted during the workout. Research from the University Federico II, Naples has also shown that when consumed with protein post workout carbohydrates can quickly raise insulin levels AND keep them elevated for longer periods of time.  

You can add fats to your pre-and post-workout meals, but, there is no evidence that they will complement the other macro’s in fuelling or refuelling regarding your workout. But they taste good so… knock yourself out!

I’ll keep the rest of this short and maybe you can reference this post to get some ideas for pre-and post-workout nibbles:

 Quick Pre-Workout Energy Snacks:

Pre-Workout Yoghurt: Mix together 125g 0% Greek Fat Yoghurt (I love fage) with a small handful of blueberries/raspberries, drizzle with some honey and consume!

Proats: 45g Oats cooked with hot water for 1-2 minutes in the microwave, then scoop 1 scoop of your favourite whey protein (I love me some PES Science snickerdoodle) and top with a small banana. Sliced banana. A whole banana would just look weird.

Protein Smoothie: In a ninja/kitchenaid/bullet – whatever blender you have, blitz together 45g oats, 1 scoop whey, handful of mixed frozen berries and 100ml water – add more water if needed as you go – I like mine thick.

Banana and Almond butter on wholemeal toast. – Do you really need instructions?

125g Turkey or chicken breast with sliced peppers and cucumber in a wholemeal tortilla

125g Turkey or chicken breast with greens and sweet potato!

Quick Post-Workout Foods:

Whey protein shake with a side of banana.. simples.. or:

Protein pancakes, mix together 4 egg whites, 45g rolled oats, 125g cottage cheese, 0.5tsp baking powder and 0.5tsp vanilla extract. Over a medium to low heat cook until the pancake bubbles the whole way through, flip and cook for another 30-60 seconds. Top with fruit of your choice.

Scramble together 4 whole eggs, or 1 whole egg and 4 egg whites with black pepper. Add a cup of chopped veggies such as spinach, onions, mushrooms, red bell peppers. Serve with a slice of wholemeal toast.

The mini ploughmans: create a mini snack pack of deli turkey, low fat cheddar cheese, 1 sliced apple and some grapes.

Tuna and Chickpea Salad: Thoroughly drain and wash a tin of chickpeas, mix it together with a can of tinned tuna, spring onions, tomato and diced cucumber – this would make 3-4 servings, so a good bulk make post workout meal.

Burgers: Lean beef is a great iron rich source of protein, what more of an excuse do you need to layer a lean beef burger with some pickles on a whole wheat bun?

For more, check out this great article Post Workout Mistakes by Mass Gain Source! 


Blondes Foodie Staples! With Macros!

Hello my little foodies and fitness enthusiasts!!

If you’re like me, you’re already starting to rev up for 2018 - goals firmly in place, diets planned to shred off the extra calories we’ve consumed over the holidays and new fitness ventures.

I could sit here and sell my personalised nutrition plans (which of course are available) but I thought I’d spend some time giving you my top 10 basic bodybuilding/ shredding food staples with macro’s that you should consider consuming more of in 2018!

Eggs -  one of the most nutritious natural foods in the world – source of protein and loaded with healthy fats. Don’t sweat the cholesterol on these bad boys either, it’s of the good kind, and unless you have been warned by doctors to watch cholesterol levels – you’ve got nada to worry about! Macros per 1 large egg: 73 Calories / 6g Protein / 0.5g Carbs /5g Fat

Avocado – Not one of my favourite fruits if I’m honest, but due to the high levels of fibre, potassium, vitamin c and healthy fats – I make a point of making sure I consume at least 1 avocado per week. Macros per 1 Avocado: 322 Calories/6g Protein / 17g Carbs / 29.5g Fat

Chicken Boobies – one of the highest sources of protein, cost effective (especially when bought in bulk) low in fat and calories. Macro’s per 85g chicken breast: 135 Calories, 27g Protein/0g Carbs/3g Fat
Salmon – A tasty high source of protein and Omega-3 Fatty acids, also including vitamin D and lots of other nutrients to make that pretty face of yours glow! Macros per 85g Salmon: 155g Calories/21.6g Protein/0g Carbs/6.9g Fat

Chia Seeds – these little beauties can be mixed into most any liquid based dish and they are packed with fibre, magnesium, manganese, calcium … the list goes on. Macros per 15g Chia Seeds: 65 Calories/3g Protein/6g Carbs/5g Fat

Spinach – Most of the calories in spinach comes from protein (oioi popeye) but it’s also one of the best sources for Potassium, magnesium and iron! Macros per 100g Spinach: 23 Calories/2.9g Protein/3.6g Carbs/0.4g Fat

Broccoli – Next to Brussels, this has to be my favourite veggie and for a good reason too, it is an amazing source of fibre, vitamin K, vitamin C and is higher in protein than most other veggies! Macros per 100g Protein: 35 Calories/2.4g Protein/7.2g Carbs/0.4g Fat.

Oats – You only have to watch my Instagram stories for a couple of days to get a real feel for how much I love my oats. There is just something so warming and comforting about them! it helps that they are full of nutrients and contain the super loaded fibres called beta glucans – these aid in your digestive health. What can I say, I’m on a time crunch – I like plain sailing in the morning bathroom ventures. Macros per 90g Oats: 330g Calories/15g Protein/ 60g Carbs / 6g Fat.

Sweet potatoes - freaking love me a potato. All potatoes! What I like especially about sweet potatoes is that they are LOADED with antioxidants. And you can top them with anything -  sweet stuff, savoury. I like mine with a little bit of coconut oil and cinnamon…. So making this for my dinner tonight! Macro’s per 85g Sweet Potato: 75 Calories/1.8g Protein/17.4g Carbs/0g Fat

Apples – High in Fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C an apple a day….. will fit into your macro’s like: 52 Calories/0.3g Protein/13.8g Carbs/0.2g Fat


Christmas Protein Pancakes! (With Macro's)

Ingredients to serve 2:

25g unflavored whey protein
25g blended oats
1 medium ripe banana
1 egg, 2 egg whites
1 handful of spinach
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp coconut oil

How we do:

Place all of the ingredients except for the coconut oil into a food processer and give it a good blitz
Heat half of the coconut oil in a frying pan over a low to medium heat and carefully spoon in 4 circles of pancake batter
After a couple of minutes when you start to see small bubbles rising in the middle of the pancake, flip and cook the other side! Easy!

Repeat, serve and eat!

Macro’s per serving: 240 calories, 20g Protein, 9g Fat, 24g Carbs


Protein Egg Nog! (With Macros)

Want the perfect high protein drink to snuggle up with in front of the fireplace? Blondes got yo back!

Ingredients to serve 3:

250ml skimmed milk
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 cinnamon stick
0.5tsp freshly grated nutmeg, plus a little extra for serving
2 eggs, separated
1 tbsp sweetener
And optionally… a shot of rum!

How we do:

Add the vanilla whey and milk into a shaker and give it a good shaking too
Pour into a small saucepan and add the nutmeg and cinnamon stick. Heat very gently, do not allow it boil or it’s going to curdle - then remove from the heat just as it reaches the point of boiling. Leave to steep.
Using a handheld whisk give the egg yolks and sweetener a good seeing too until combined and thick.
Combine the eggy mixture with the whey mixture and stir until combined and smooth – then if you fancy it, in goes the rum!
Put this mixture into the fridge to cool for 30 minutes. Before serving beat the egg whites until soft peaks form and gently fold into the egg nog.
Serve with the little bit of nutmeg you saved earlier and enjoy! Xo

Macros per serving: 150 calories 9g carbs, 14g protein, 6g fat.


Boswellia and Commiphora! A runners dream cream!

HEY!! Blonde’s BFF Melly here! I wanted to tell you about this awesome new product from Boswellia and Commiphora!

After being diagnosed with tilted knee caps in both knee’s approximately 10 years ago I’ve suffered badly with deep pain in my knees.
This started to ease earlier this year when I found a new love, Running! After 6 month’s of running regularly I have found that the pain only actually affects me post run, normally occurring after running for a distance of 5 and above miles.
I was excited when Blonde told me about the Boswellia and Commiphora Christmas spice joint cream, as for some time now I’ve been having to tape my knee’s with KT tape for any run above 5 miles. With a half marathon looming, it was the perfect time to really test this product and be able to give you a legit review as to whether it works or not….
I am pleased to say after using the joint cream for 2 weeks on the lead up, I completed with the Hertfordshire Half Marathon in 2 hours and 12 minutes WITHOUT any KT tape.
This morning, adrenaline officially dispersed, I woke up with minimal pain in my knee’s when bending – safe to say – THIS SH*T WORKS.
So now, I get to smell fabulous, look fabulous (so long KT Tape) and run long distance without the fear of waking up in tremendous pain the following day. Boswellia and Commiphora is my new runners go to!

Days 1-3 I applied the cream 3-4 times daily
Day 4 and onward I applied the cream 1-2 times daily
Race day – applied 3 times.
The product smell’s great, isn’t sticky like a lot of other moisturizers and didn’t grease or discolor any of my clothing!

Boswellia & Commiphora joint rub contains two traditional Christmas spices, Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense) and Commiphora Molmol (Myrrh).
The Christmas spice joint rub was found to be AS successful at reducing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and stiff joints as conventional NSAIDs, according to a trial by a two UK doctors.
The two spices have a long medical history of relieving the inflammation associated with rheumatic and osteopathic forms of arthritis as well as other forms of joint inflammation.

The first UK trial using this unique combination was carried out by Dr Robert Jacobs, a GP from Devon, on 30 of his arthritic patients.

Dr Jacobs says: “"In my limited experience of ‘no-drug’ joint rubs, such as tiger balm that is very popular, this one appeared to be significantly more effective for the treatment of joint inflammation either from arthritis or from strain or trauma to the joint.”

In addition, a subsequent larger trial on 80 patients was carried out on Boswellia and Commiphora joint rub by GP Dr Donald Grant. He concluded that: “The spice joint rub had a statistically significant effect both on the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Of those on the trial, 83% stated that they felt the cream helped them with their arthritis.”

Boswellia and Commiphora Joint Rub costs £9.95 (100ml) and is available from www.skinshop.co.uk


Blonde Rambles: The Distraction Game

I think it’s amazing how quickly your life can turn around and slap you in the face the SECOND you take your eyes off the ball.

This happened to me a lot this year.

When I’m on form – slaying the shit out of each day – I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

When I am unstoppable, I am confident, happy, excited about every single aspect of every single day – when I breath those positive vibes onto you, know that I FEEL every single one of them from my heart.
I’ve noticed I am much more attractive as a person to others when I am in this state of mind too – when you feel good on the inside, it shines through – and your vibe really does attract your tribe!

It starts like this: You get distracted by a person or a situation for 5 minutes, then it turns to 10 minutes and before you know it the balls on one side of the country and you're on the other! Okay, slight exaggeration – but you get what I mean.
Then the distraction comes to a halt – like it was all just a dream and the reality of how much time you wasted hits you in the face.

Then comes the insecurities and self criticism  – have I lost my game?

Then…. comes anger. Anger at the distraction, anger at yourself for being swallowed up by some bullshit allowing you to take your eyes of YOUR GOALS in YOUR LIFE.

The final stage after this… is accepting the situation, letting go and getting back on your game.
Letting go – sounds so easy when it’s written down but acting it out when something has affected you is so much harder. I know.

I want you to know, what I wish someone would have told me – this happens to everyone. Life is a constant battle of U-turns and distractions. I also want you to know IT’S OKAY.

You will find your way back, because it’s built into you to slay -  if it wasn’t, you’d never have recognized the distraction as a distraction in the first place.

That’s all it was, a bullshit, distraction. 


Homemade Banana Bread (With Macro's)

Homemade Banana Bread! One of my favourite carby snacks and it’s so simple!!

140g Wholemeal Flour
100g Self-Raising Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Bicarb of Soda
300g Mashed Ripe Bananas
4Tbsp Runny Honey
3 eggs – beaten
1tsp Butter – melted
150ml Greek Yoghurt – 0% Fat

How we do:
Preheat your oven to 140 degree’s celcius. Grease and line a loaf tin with the melted butter and baking parchment.
Mix the flours, baking powder and bicarb in a large mixing bowl
In a separate bowl mix the banana, honey, eggs and yoghurt before quickly stirring into the ingredients to form a smooth-ish batter.
Scrape the mixture into your prepared loaf tin and bake for 75 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
Cool your loaf on a wire rack and enjoy warm or at room temperature with a nice cuppa tea!

Macro’s per serving: 135 calories, 24g Carbs, 6g Protein, 2g Fat


Sweet Potato Protein Brownies (With Macro's)

Ingredients to make 8:

1 medium sized sweet potato (about 300g)
100g smooth peanut butter
25g melted chocolate
1 scoop unflavoured whey protein
2tsp cocoa powder
1tsp sweetener

How we do:

Wash and prick the sweet potato all over with a sharp knife and microwave on high for 5 minutes, turn and microwave for another 5 – at this point the inside should be soft and tender, but if it isn’t continue the process until it is, an extra minute at a time.
Preheat the oven to 180 celcius and line a brownie tin with baking parchment
Once the sweet potato has cooled, scoop out the flesh and mash until smooth. Mix in the peanut butter, whey protein, cocoa powder, sweetener and melted chocolate and continue mixing until it forms into a smooth batter.
Pour the batter into a brownie tin and spread out, smoothing it out and making it level.
Bake for around 20 minutes, until the top is well cooked
Remove from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes before slicing into 8 delishamous pieces!

Macro’s per brownie: 140 calories, 7g Protein, 8g Fat, 12g Carbs


Homemade Protein Snickers! (With Macro's)

Ingredients to make 6:

4 scoops vanilla whey protein
4tbsp coconut flour and a tiny bit extra for dusting later
100ml milk
6 medjool dates
60g dark chocolate
20g chopped nuts
1tsp caramel flavouring
1tbsp coconut oil

How we do:

In a large mixing bowl combine the coconut flour and vanilla whey, then gradually add the milk until you get a doughy texture
Roll the mixture into 6 equally sized balls then flatten them into bars using your hands
Put into the fridge to chill for 15 minutes – while these are chilling make the topping:
Remove the stones from the dates and blend with the salted caramel flavouring to make a paste, spoon the paste over the top of each bar and press on the chopped nuts – put back in the fridge
Using a small saucepan carefully melt the coconut and chocolate, coconut oil in first – don’t let the chocolate burn or it will become bitter.
Remove the bars from the fridge, cover in the melted chocolate mixture and return to the fridge to set, you’re looking at around 60 minutes.

Macro’s per bar: 218 calories, 17g protein, 10g fat, 16g carbs. 


No Bake Granola Protein Cookies (With Macro's)

Ingredients to make 5:

50g low sugar granola
1 scoop unflavoured whey protein
2tbsp smooth peanut butter
2tbsp milk
1tbsp organic coconut flour

How we do:

In a large mixing bowl combine the granola, whey protein, peanut butter and coconut flour
Gradually add in the milk until everything sticks together, but isn’t sloppy
Mix everything together using your hands (wash them first, please…) and separate into 5 balls.
Flatten the balls into a cookie and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Macros’ per cookie: 108 calories, 7g protein, 6g fat, 7g carbs


Homemade Protein Bounty Bars! (With Macro's)

Ingredients to make 4:

2 scoops vanilla whey protein
4tbsp milk
40g dark chocolate
20g dessicated coconut, plus a little extra for dusting

How we do:

Melt the coconut oil and keep aside 1 tsp of oil for later. Using the rest of the oil mix together with the whey protein and coconut.
Slowly add the milk until the mixture is sticky but not sloppy.
Shape into 4 bars on a sheet of baking paper and sprinkle a dash of coconut over the top
Refridgerate for 30 minutes to set, whilst these are setting melt the little bit of coconut oil you saved earlier with the dark chocolate on a low to medium heat. Coconut oil in first that way the chocolate will melt smoothly  and not burn.
Take the bars out of the fridge, dip into the coconuty chocolate mixture and put them back into the fridge to set again.

After 15 minutes of waiting, drooling over your chocolatey concoction – they are good to demolish!

Macro’s per bar: 200 calories, 11g Protein, 15g Fat, 5g Carbs


Slow cooked Oaty Goodness (With Macro's)

Slow cooked Oaty Goodness - the perfect way to start a Sunday morning!

Ingredients to serve 4:

100g Porridge Oats
250ml Coconut Milk
50g Desiccated Coconut unsweetened
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
1 tbsp Coconut Oil
¼ tsp Salt
 2 Mashed ripe bananas’
50g Maple Syrup
50g chopped Pecans

How we do:

1. Put Slow Cooker on low. Grease the inside with 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Combine oats, milk, coconut, vanilla & salt together & pour into slow cooker. Cover & cook on low for 7-9 hours.
2. In the morning, stir in the mashed bananas, maple syrup & pecans. Serve immediately.

Nutritional’s per serving: 385 cals, 38.2g carbs, 5.2g Protein, 23.5g Fat.


Saving Maddi!

Race Against Time for Essex Teen with Rare Life Threatening Condition - #SaveOurMaddi

Carina Thurgood mother of Essex teen Maddi has appealed today for much needed donations to help scientists find a cure for her daughter’s life threatening condition.

Just two days before her 15th birthday, Maddi Thurgood’s family were called into Great Ormond Street Hospital and given the shattering news that Maddi had Krabbe disease, however weeks later it was discovered the teen had been misdiagnosed and actually had Spastic Paraplegia Type 15, SPG 15 an extremely rare, complex and progressive disorder which can lead to physical, intellectual disability and more. 

There is currently no cure for SPG 15 and Maddi’s Professor from Sheffield believes that The consensus of that meeting was that gene therapy offers the greatest potential for helping our children.  We have received a gene therapy proposal, which comes with a $2-3 million price tag. Rare disease research isn't cheap.

We need YOUR help to allow us to execute the plan and the time is NOW to act!  gene therapy offers the greatest hope of helping to find a cure for Maddi. However this critical gene therapy research at Sheffield
University of Neurosciences (SITRAN), comes with a hefty price tag of £224,000. So far the family has raised £124,000 with help from the local community but is still short £100,000.

Maddi’s mum is up against the clock, as this progressive disease has already begun to ravage Maddi’s mobility and so she launched The Maddi Foundation, a registered charity to fund Sheffield University’s research to produce a gene therapy strategy for Maddi’s life threatening illness.  


·      Spastic paraplegia Type 15 is a very rare type of motor neuron disease.
·      SPG 15 is classified as a complex hereditary spastic paraplegia because it can cause paralysis of all four limbs, mental retardation, dysarthria, retina degeneration, distal amyothropy as well as juvenile Parkinson’s.
·      In addition to the muscles and brain, SPG 15 affects the peripheral nervous system, which consists of nerves that connect the brain and spinal cord to muscles and sensory cells.
·      SPG15 is so rare that no one else in the UK has the disorder. It also appears that there are less than 20 people across the globe with the condition. 
·      Onset of the condition usually becomes apparent in childhood or adolescence with the development of weak muscle tone (hypotonia), difficulty walking, or intellectual disability.
·      Maddi’s symptoms first started when her ankle collapsed when she was 13.  It was during this period that she began to develop a limp too.
·      Her muscle tone began deteriorating and an array of other symptoms including severe pain. 
·      Worried sick about her symptoms the family took her to lots of different specialists.  Maddi has had to endure an array of tests along the way including scans, blood work and a lumber puncture.
·      In 2016, Carina, Maddi’s mum was called in to Great Ormond Street Hospital without Maddi where she was initially told that Maddi had Krabbes disorder a life threatening illness which would require a bone marrow transplant.
·      Seeking a second opinion, Carina brought Maddi to the US to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPOMC, a world leading centre of excellence in the study of genetic disorders in children.  It was here that they received the life changing news that Maddi didn’t have Krabbes disorder she actually had a much rarer condition called SPG15.


·      Maddi can no longer walk normally and can only stand for very short periods. 
·      When Maddi was first diagnosed one of the hardest things about her condition was that it meant she could no longer continue one of her favourite activities - ice skating.  She also had to give up drama, because movement had become too painful.
·      Just walking around the house requires a cane and if she was to go to the shopping centre, she needs to use her wheelchair.
·      Everyday her mother encourages her to keep exercising and keep her muscles going.
·      Maddi has a physical trainer who works with the muscle groups that are getting weaker, but the disease is stronger than her training.
·      Her legs get extremely painful and it makes her exhausted and so she misses out on a lot of school.
·      Despite her ordeal Maddi is not frightened about anything and she only cries when she falls over.
·      Maddi has been amazing through all of this and she tries to get on with it as much as she can. Obviously there are days when it gets her down, but overall she never complains or gives out.
·      She’s always happy to go to fundraisers and talk to people and is so thankful for everything everyone has done for her so far.

·      “SPG15 is the rarest form of a rare disease.  It’s shocking we have never ever met another family with the same disease
·      Having to watch your child suffering is one thing, but when you know there is no treatment, no cure and you see changes that are slowly happening each day it is incredibly stressful.
·      If your child is the only one you feel incredibly isolated and completely on your own. 
·      Like so many families with a child that has a rare disease – everything is family driven; fighting to make progress.
·      I believe that something can be done and that Maddi can have a future and that things can be reversed. 
·      But we’re not fully funded and need urgent help.”

·      Less than 20 people worldwide have SPG15; in fact it’s so rare that Maddi is the only person in the UK to have this disorder.
·      SPG15 and other rare diseases that only affect a handful of people are often referred to as ‘orphan diseases’. 
·      No pharmaceutical company is working on treatments and neither is the government which is why Carina Thurgood, Maddi’s mum is having to pound pavements to find a treatment that can save Maddi.
·      Carina Thurgood is constantly online researching doctors & scientists who have published medical research papers on SPG15, but as yet no cure has been found.
·      There is very little known about the condition, which is why Maddi’s mum and family have sought opinions and information from specialists in Spastic Paraplegia Type 15 from all over the world.
·      Maddi had been put on a short trial of levodopa (for Parkinsons) in November 2016 at Michigan Hospital but she had a severe anxiety reaction to this by Christmas and was weaned off the drug.
·      She’s in regular contact too with Maddi’s medical team as she attends Great Ormond Street, which is led by Dr Lucinda Carr a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist and Professor Nick Wood, who is based at UCL next door to Great Ormond Street. Prof Nick Wood’s chief interests are the genetic variants which contribute to nervous system function and dysfunction.

· The gene therapy programme which lies at the Professor Mimoun Azzouz is at Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience.
· Professor Azzouz and the team at SITRAN SITraN is focused on translational neuroscience; the goal of the research is to harness scientific developments emerging from experimental work in the laboratory and translate these insights into an effective gene therapy strategy for Maddi.
· So far, the Save Our Maddi Appeal has raised £124,000 but another £100,000 must be raised if the University of Sheffield is to continue researching the gene therapy which could unlock the search to find a cure for Maddi.
· After literally a worldwide search it’s a great feeling according to Maddi’s mum to know that there is a team of scientists at Sheffield University that care about what’s going on with Maddi and want to help.

Donate to the #SaveOurMaddi Fund here: http://www.saveourmaddi.co.uk/