#FakeMeds What's in your supplements? DMAA Awareness Week!

The idea of ‘clean eating’ - or just generally being aware of the ingredients that make up your foods consumed is currently bigger than ever. Did you know frozen chicken from certain supermarkets are being pumped with Dextrose – a form of glucose? It’s effectively a supplement athletes often use intra training for an insulin spike and those extra reps out… which leads me to my next question..

Do you know what’s in your supplements?

In 2012, during the final stages of the London Marathon Claire Squires aged just 30 collapsed and passed away. The inquest into her death found traces of the Drug DMAA (also known as 4-methylhexan-2-amine, DMAA, Dimethylamylamine, 1, 3-DMAA, Geranamine, Methylhexaneamine, 1, 3-Dimethylpentylamine, Forthane) in Claires system. Similar to caffeine DMAA delivers a quick spike of energy now known to constrict blood vessels having effects on the lungs, heart and reproductive organs. Mixed with high intense exercise, this forms a recipe for disaster - especially for those with existing health conditions. DMAA has been linked with high blood pressure, nausea, strokes and cerebral haemorrhages.
In August 2012 the FSA (Food standards agency) ruled the ingredient found in many sports nutrition supplements to increase endurance as unsafe and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency ruled DMAA was an unlicensed medicinal product causing it to be banned in various countries around the world.

I have no issues with the vast majority of sports supplements on the market but I do feel that athletes, established or aspiring should be taking care to read/understand the ingredients going into the supplement before consuming.

In addition to this, here are my final thoughts in regards to supplements:
  • ·         Supplements should not be used in place of any foods. For the same reason I don’t promote any meal replacement products – you can take in addition, to up your protein, extra caffeine boost – that’s fine, but you should never skip out on your body’s daily dietary requirements in favour of a substitute.
  • ·         The term ‘Natural’ does not always mean safe. Just for example, herbs such as Kava used for relaxation of anxiety - long term can actually contribute to liver damage.
  • ·         If you are aware of any existing medical conditions such as weak organs you MUST always, seek the advice of a doctor as to whether a supplement will be safe for you to use before any form of consumption. I was talking to a girl with a pace maker who was asking me what forms of pre workout I take before training, as soon as I found out she had a history of heart problems, I immediately advised her against taking high content caffeine stimulant products. If you have a coach or personal trainer raving about a certain product that doesn’t ask you about your medical history first – you need to be looking elsewhere for guidance. Your health comes first, physical appearance goals second.
  • ·         Any form of supplement should not be taken in excess or for long periods of time, even if they are safe. If you notice in time that a product ceases to have the same effect as it once did, you’re not getting the same level of BAM into your workout, then you’ve already been taking that product too long, your body has become accustomed to it. I never take a product for longer than 4-6 weeks without taking myself back of it for 4-6 in return. I don’t want to build an addiction where I feel like my body depends on a certain supplement to get certain a level of workout in.
  • ·         Your body is just as capable of doing those lifts without supplementation as it is with them. Energy, stimulation gives you that extra boost. If you have a healthy balanced diet and fuel your training properly – I’ll bet you won’t struggle through those lifts while taking a break from the supplements you have adapted to.


Blondies Homemade Salsa & Bean Crockpot Chicken!

Fancy trying something nutrient dense with minimal prep and all the flavor? Try Blondes Salsa Chickadee this weekend! 
You will need:
Step 1 - Rinse and Drain the corn & kidney means well, layer this on the bottom of your crock pot

Step 2, Wash and layer the chicken breasts on top of the beans and season with pink salt & pepper.

Step 3, Pulse blend together the peppers, tinned tomatoes, garlic, cilantro & onion - pour over the top of the chicken breasts and put the crockpot on high for 4 hours.

Serve with your choice of sides and devour the freshness!

~ Simples!

Nutritional information below (this may differ based on the different brands of ingredients chosen)


Fearless Motivation - What is your why?

When you wake up every morning – What drives you?
If you want to live a life of success,
 a life of complete success, happiness and fulfilment, you MUST find your PURPOSE.

You see if you don’t know what your purpose is, if you don’t know what DRIVES you, what INSPIRES you, then you have NO REASON to improve your life.

How can you improve your life if you have no REASON to improve it?

Why do you do what you do? WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO?

What’s the reason? Why do you exist?

Do you know what it takes to be great?

Are you willing to go the extra mile?

I tell you time and time again. You will get tired. But if you have a WHY – it will give you that extra STRENGTH. That extra foot you need. That extra HOUR you need. The courage.

Why are you different from everyone else that’s trying to do the same thing you’re doing?

What makes you stand out? Why are you so important!?


Your why will pull you up when you feel like you don’t have the strength to get up anymore

Your why will keep you fighting when everyone else thinks you are out for the count

WHY. Who are you fighting for? What drives you?

IS YOUR PURPOSE YOUR FAMILY? Is it to prove the doubters wrong? Is it to prove yourself right?

What is your PURPOSE?

Write down your purpose. Carry it with you everywhere. FEEL IT DEEP and promise yourself everyday you WILL live out your purpose with ZERO EXCUSES!

Somebody’s waiting for you to mess up. Somebody is waiting for you to give up. Someone is waiting for you to fall.
So when you are challenged by life, what are you going to do?

When you feel like you are at your lowest point in life, will you throw in the towel? Or will you make the moves – to be successful?

Don’t look back. Just remember where you came from. And let that drive push you to go forward.
It’s not always going to be an easy road, and when you reach success, you won’t take it for granted.

You will cherish those moments you had to go through, those moments you were without. And when you fall down – GET BACK UP. Dust yourself off.

You need to find something that drives you.
 Something that… NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS:
 This part of you does not change.

This DRIVE in you does not change.
 This PURPOSE never dies.

No matter how many times life knocks you down
, your PURPOSE pulls you up EVERY TIME.

“This is the REASON i will FIGHT FOR MY DREAMS”
 “THIS is the reason i will NOT take NO for an answer!”
 “This is the reason i will do WHATEVER IT TAKES”

When it hurts – KEEP GOING. Those cloudy days, those storms – they’re telling you to keep going.
Those times in your life, when you can’t see how you’re going to make it.

Some things you can’t change, you just have to live with. But if you do have a choice MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE

Your purpose is that one thing that LIGHTS YOU UP. 

It’s that one thing that will GET YOU UP EARLY.
 That one thing, when you’re doing it, TIME STOPS.

Your purpose may be something you DON’T want. 
It may be seeing someone in your past and thinking:

Your purpose is ALWAYS something that lights a fire in you.

My family is counting on me!!
 My friends are counting on me!! 

~Fearless Motivation


Minimilising Blonde!

I’ve never been much of a party animal, well that’s a lie I had one summer in my late teens, I was single and spent most Friday and Saturday nights partying through out the summer. This literally lasted the one summer until I got fed up of spending all day Saturday and Sunday (my only days off) in bed with a hangover. By my 20’s I was over the party scene and other than the odd night out here and there, I never looked back. New Years eve in that respect has no impact on me. I enjoy the extra time out of the office and throw everything into preparing myself for the New Year. Write down my goals, organise my diary, clean the house. One of my goals this year was to spend less, live with less and earn more. I wanted to minimalize myself of everything that didn’t mean everything to me!

I started with cosmetics, I wear one mascara, one lipgloss, one blush, two eye shadows, and one eye liner. So why did I need 8 different versions of each when I only use one? If it wasn’t in my daily essentials – it was gone. Nails – I like to do my own little manicures at home, but I had enough nail polishes to open my own nail salon… 80% of the shades I don’t wear, some of them were duplicates, or basically the same shade. That 80% was given to the niece and that was that.

Next I moved onto the wardrobe. My question to myself? “what is my signature style?” what colours do I mainly wear? What outfits make me feel like I have my sass on? What clothes do I enjoy training in? How many pairs of work leggings do I actually need?

So I started sifting through the last however many years for ‘impulse buys’ and ‘revamp my wardrobe efforts’ 2 bin liners to donate to the local charity stores, 1 bin liner to sell on ebay… and I hadn’t even started on the shoes yet. You can imagine the horror on my face as I took a minute to breath and realised just how much money I had wasted with my ridiculous shopping habits. Then and there I vowed that unless I need it, or I’m really in love with it – I do not buy it. My Saturday shopping spree’s are no more.

Shoes, ladies – our guys moan about them, they get in the way, we own 30 pairs and wear 10 at the most – do we need the remaining 20? Nope, they were a gonner too! I narrowed it down to my training shoes, a couple of pairs of casual trainers, a couple of pairs of work heels and my winter boot boots.

Accessories – I spent years buying cheap costume jewellery and funky hair clips to which I used none off - I wear one pair of Pandora earrings the mister bought me for Christmas – the rest went, a pendant & chain around my neck – I kept my good quality ones with meaning behind them and the rest went. I wear a Fitbit watch on my right wrist and either my Swarovski crystal bangle my sister bought me or my troll bead bracelet on the other – the rest went.

Finally Bags – I kept my Sixpack Fitness bag, my sister bought me a gorgeous little weekend bag from River Island for Christmas which I kept and one going out clutch bag. The rest – went.

I really was ruthless, but what I was left with is a clear, easily organised personal space full of the items that I truly value and that to me is worth more than every item I let go off.

See if it’s not adding value to your personal space, it’s taking value away from it.

This year people will see a very minimalistic version of me, one that appreciates and loves everything that she owns. One that wont waste money, one that picks quality over quantity. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t be more proud or relieved to have let the rest go!


Quest Protein Micropud

Good Morning my lovely peoples! Thanks for tuning in to Blonde Ambitionz for the 3rd in the series of my Quest Protein Creations!

This last recipe is kind of my own personal adaption of ‘The Mug Cake’ because for some reason I just can’t seem to get them right without protein explosions in my microwave or the mixture spilling over the top or not cooking right the way through…

1 scoop Quest Chocolate Milkshake Protein
1 tbsp Coconut Flour
1 tbsp Stevia
Quarter cup of Liquid Egg Whites
Half cup of Skimmed Milk
Half tsp baking soda

It’s as simple as….  Mixing all of the ingredients in a microwave proof bowl, banging it in the microwave, power for 3 minutes, if not fully set do another 60 seconds before topping with your favorite sweet tooth saviors… obviously, again I went with peanut butter, Muscle Foods zero calorie syrup and a cheeky slice of Cadbury chocolate..

Macros on the pud alone:

Carbs: 14g, Protein 34.5g, Fat 1g


Quest Baked Protein Oats

There’s something so warming about a good bowl of oats and as one of the best forms of complex carb there is, it’s a regular staple breakfast in my house. The other week I decided to get a little more creative with my oats and give it a little boost of protein and the results were delishamous!

Ingredients to serve 2:
100g Rolled Oats
2 Scoops Quest Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder
100ml Water
200ml Egg Whites (I buy Musclefood, 1 ltre which does me 3 days for £2.95)

To Make The Dish:
Line a small baking dish with greaseproof paper (trust me, very important, you do not want to spend 30 minutes scrubbing it after like I did the first time I tried this recipe) Add in your dry ingredients and mix through before adding in your liquids again make sure everythings combined nicely and pop into the oven for 10 minutes at 190 degrees celcius! It’s really that easy.

You can top this with whatever you like, I went with peanut and coconut butter because I LOVE it some dark chocolate and chopped pecans! Nom Nom!

Macros per serving based on the ingredients above not inclusive of my chosen toppings:

Carbs: 35.3g, Protein: 38.7g, Fats: 3.5g


Quest Protein Snow Balls

It was a cold rainy Saturday (like most Saturdays in England through January) and I had munchies GALORE! So I’m flicking through Instagram Stories (don’t you just love that IG feature that now? So much easier having all of your favourite social media features on one application in my opinion… I barely ever feel the need to use Snap Chat now unless there’s a particular Athlete I follow using it.) Anyhooo…. One of the ladies I follow (mariaok_dk – be sure to check her out for fitness and foodie inspo) was making these scrummy looking protein balls… and just like that I was in the kitchen seeing what ingredients I had available to me to create my own. This is what I came up with:

24g of Dr Zaks rich chocolate protein peanut butter powder (you can get this from musclefood.com and it’s a lot cheaper than other powdered peanut butters with less fats and higher protein also)
1 scoop of Quest chocolate protein powder
100g Porridge Oats
15g Chia Seeds
15g Desiccated Coconut
1 cup of water

It was as simple as:

Lining a Tupperware with grease proof paper, combining all of the ingredients in a bowl except the coconut which your going to need to keep in a bowl of its own, mix in your water, half a cup at a time and using a spoon really give it a good mix so there is no dry mixture to be seen – this is going to be super sticky and a little messy but you then need to roll the mixture into little balls – I got around 9 balls out of the mixture and then roll each ball individually in the coconut – this removes the stickiness and adds a tiny bit extra healthy fat.

Refridgerate for about 20 minutes and they are good to demolish!

Macros based on the ingredients mentioned above per ball if you make 9 like I did are:

Carbs: 8g, Fat 2.8g, Protein 5.2g


Brinner Brinner French Toast Winner!

At the weekend I love to cook, and on the odd evenings the fella and I are both at home, I'll throw together something a little bit snazzy. Reality is, we are both incredibly busy people with hectic schedules. I train early morning and then work throughout the day and a lot of the time Keek works from early afternoon until 10.30pm at night. 
On those nights I'm cooking just for me and to be honest, I'm pretty lazy about it... more often than not I have 'Brinner' over dinner. 

Here is one of my favorite 10 minutes cook to tummy Brinners!

Protein French Toast!

In a small mixing bowl combine 1 scoop vanilla whey (I use Optimum Nutrition 100% whey for this recipe) 200g Egg whites and give a good whisk before pouring into a large bowl or baking tray. Soak two slices of bread of your choice, I usually opt for small slices of high protein and seed wholemeal for around 3 minutes on each side. Melt 1 tsp of coconut oil on a non stick frying pan and add your protein eggy bread cooking for a couple of minutes each side until they have browned. 
Serve with whatever you fancy! I often have mine with blueberries, or like in the pic below Maple zero syrup & Meridians Peanut Coconut Butter!

There you have it, a simple and tasty way of getting in your carbs, fats and protein!


Blonde Approved!! Renee SixPack Fitness Tote!

This last weekend was a shocking reminder to me just how much money I’ve wasted in recent years on clothing and item’s that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ 3 large bin liners of clothing donated later and I have vowed, VOWED to cut my shopping habit for good. I’ll be doing a series on cost savings and minimization in weeks to come so please, stay reading! But for now I wanted to show off my favourite investment of 2016 – I generally don’t know how I lived without this item for so long… my beloved, six pack fitness Renee Tote!

Complete with 4 Sixpack Tupperware boxes, a small supplement container, 3 ice cooler bags, this tote allows for storage of 4 small meals plus handbag space for your keys, laptop/tablet/diary, purse – It is perfection for the girl constantly on the go.

Now ranging from £110-180 depending on where you manage to find stock this bag doesn’t come cheap, well not high street cheap.
I think the cheapest I’ve found so far is £110 from Dolphin Fitness UK. (Have you seen their supplement pricing too? Crazy bargains to be found there!)

It’s a little on the large side, I had a few comments about my ‘suitcase’ but the laughter soon turned to wowsers when I showed off its nifty meal management/cooling system so don’t be put off by a little size.. I keep a smaller purse for those weekend dinner dates and smaller events where I don’t need to be organised with food in toe!

All in all, I rate the six pack fitness tote 10 out of 10 for management, style, quality and my happiness since purchasing it!


Macro friendly Pumpkin pie loaf!

Advice from a pumpkin: Be well-rounded. Get plenty of sunshine. Give thanks for life’s bounty. Have thick skin. Keep growing. Be outstanding in your field. Think BIG!

Advice from a blonde: do all of the above, and eat all of the pumpkin! High in fiber, potassium and vitamin-c AND ridiculously delish! Whilst it’s not the easiest ingredient to purchase here in the UK it is most definitely worth the hustle to get your hands on a couple of tins. I buy mine alongside everything else in my life, on Amazon.

Here’s a super tasty, yet macro friendly pumpkin pie loaf recipe for you to give a go!

1tsp baking powder
170g Scottish porridge oats – blended
1 425g tin of pureed pumpkin
160g of musclefood guilt free maple syrup
2 large eggs
1tsp ground cinnamon

How we do:
First step is to line a loaf tray with kitchen parchment and set your oven to 180 Celsius
Second step is blend your oats with the cinnamon and baking powder, depending on the size of your blender you may want to do this is 2 batches. This is going to create a smooth oat flour.
Third step is to combine your pumpkin puree, syrup and eggs, before mixing in the oat flour mixture giving it a real good elbow juicing mix.
Fourth step is to pour your batter into the loaf tray and pop into the oven for 30 minutes after this the most part of your loaf should be set, put it to the test by putting a skewer into the middle of the loaf, if it comes out sticky you’ll need to cover the loaf with foil and cook for another 5-10 minutes or so.

Once cooked take it out of the oven and leave to cool for 15 minutes or so before attempting to take out of the loaf tray.

Based on this loaf serving 4 - each serving contains just: 233 calories, 5.1g fat, 33.1g carbs and 9g protein. 


Blonde Approved!! NuZest Plant Based Protein!

Voted "Most Supportive Approach to Health Professionals" at the Institute of Functional Medicine Conference. Nuzest is the best selling brand of Natural Protein in New Zealand and is growing fast already doing well in over 16 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong! Blonde one here was privaliged to be able to put both Nuzest's plant based protein and Super Greens to the test & I mark all products tried as HIGHLY APPROVED

My favorite flavor being 'Rich Chocolate' the complete protein is smooth, easy to blend, easy to drink, digest and I didn't experience any bloating, or gas like I do with many other brands. What I like the most about this protein is that they have worked to incorporate all 9 of your essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) Leucine - Protein Synthesis' key trigger, helping the body to repair and build muscle tissue. Lysine - for hormone production and healthy bone growth. Phenylalanine - optimal functioning of the central nervous system. Threonine - maintaining the proper balance of protein in the body. Isoleucine - boosts energy and assists the body in recovering from intense exercise. Histidine - ensures the transmission of messages from the brain. Methionine - helps the liver to process fats. Valine - enables healthy brain functioning. Tryptophan - increases the level of serotonin in the brain improving mood.  
Each protein shake contains around 21g of protein, under 1g of carbs and less than half a gram of fat making these incredibly friendly to those on their January weight loss journeys! 

Now to accompany your protein, everyone should be aware to get a good portion of leafy greens into their daily diet - I recognize that this can be difficult for many who really struggle to get a decent amount of greens into their diet and so Nuzest have made this easy with their 'Good Green Stuff' incorporating 21 real plant foods, 21 plant extracts, 16 essential vitamins, 11 essential minerals, fibres & microbiotics,  Enzymes, Bioflavonoids. It's a real energy and brain boosting solution you can either mix with 200ml of water shake and knock back as a shot or mix into your morning smoothy bowl or shake! "Unparalleled Foundational Nutritional Support In One Daily Serving!"

Check out Nuzest here: http://nuzest.co.uk/ for recipe ideas, stress and weight management blog & to try out a good, nutrient dense product. 



10 ways to start your day on a high!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

Here are 10 tips on how to kick start your day with ease and positivity!

1 – My day always starts with a little luxury – my favorite coffee. & before I do anything I take 10 minutes of quiet time to really savoir it. My mum bought us a Dolce Gusto for my birthday and it’s my favorite kitchen accessory EVER!! Nothing perks up a blonde’s morning like a Nescafe Americano with skimmed milk!!

2 -  Rise and Relax! I always aim to get up at least 90 minutes before I leave the house so I can take my time to get myself together with ease and I always start my day with a hot pamper shower! January is always my favorite month for showers too because I nearly always have a tonn of Bodyshop products gifted to me over the holiday season! Yes… I do shower before & then again after the gym, yes I know it’s weird but I like to feel fresh before I start my day, whatever I’m doing.

3 – Avoid social media for the first hour of your day – get your get up and go on with some peace and quiet, a clear mind and no distractions. You’ll be amazed how much quicker whilst being relaxed you can get ready without it!

4 – Prep your outfit the night before – there’s nothing more frustrating than having to rummage through your drawers looking for a matching pair of socks at 5am – have it sorted and ready to go.

5 – Make sure you have your food prepped the night before – this will help you to make healthier choices with your food throughout the day with ease.

6 – Make the bed! Nothing beats coming home to a clean apartment and made bed – set your evening up in advance with a warming entrance after a long day. Even at your most stressful points of the day - you still have that to look forward to!

7 – Take your vitamins with a glass of cold lemon water! This is especially important if you have an active lifestyle or are on any form of calorie restrictions. I take 1 Myprotein active woman multi vitamins every morning. The lemon water is high in fibre assisting your digestive system speeding up the metabolism for some healthy morning bowel movement! Double win!

8 – Exercise! Training first thing in the morning means I skip the traffic, save petrol, starts up my metabolism earlier in the day and that hour of me time before I head into the office leaves me feeling like I’ve already accomplished something #Winning before 9am!

9 – Review/set your goals for the day – and at the end of the day write down 3 things you have accomplished through out your day. Make this a daily ritual and you will be smashing through those new year’s resolutions before you know it!

10 – Smile, at everyone you see. Even ‘those’ people, who don’t wish you well, or smile in return. Smile, and do it for you. Do it because you’re a good person and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks you are going to have a great day and your positivity shines from the inside out! 


2017 - Be Your Best You This Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen… allow me to welcome you to 2017 !!!
Happy New Year to you all! I hope your hearts are full of wonderful memories from 2016 and high hopes for the year ahead of us! I know mine is!

Here are just a few tips on how to really bring your best self to the show this year!

1 – Positive Vibes! Seriously, you can’t control people, or situations – but you CAN control how you react to them.  Keep your chin up, ride through the storms with the most positive attitude you can and I’ll bet you that storm passes quicker than you first thought.

2 – Less is more! Take the time to appreciate the little things, the birds singing, the beautiful crisp frost on the grass, the comfort of lying in the arms of someone you love. Remember you don’t need a mountain of friends or a full social calendar to feel like you have substance in your life. The less people you allow to take up your time, the more of your time and you that you can give to the people who really respect it.

3 – Open your mind and don’t be afraid to learn. Knowledge is power and it’s never too late to learn something new.

4 – Live in the moment – I think it’s fantastic to snap pictures of your vacations, family events and general parts of your day, just be careful you’re living in the moment, enjoying and really cherishing it - not through the lens of your camera.

5 – Respect your privacy – No one need’s to know the ins and outs of your private life, especially your personal woes, which there will be some off. Draw a line at what information you share with people, not everyone is your friend and one sure way of ensuring people respect your privacy is to respect it yourself.

6 – Be your own best friend! Yes my partner is my best friend in the entire world, he is the one person I want to share every dark moment and every happy moment with, but on the side I’m also my own best friend. I’m not afraid to take on a challenge on my own, to spend time alone, set my own goals and to self-motivate. Independence is something I’m really proud off, and ultimately something that keeps my man attracted to me. I mean he never knows what random list of goals I’m going to set myself next but he always knows that he only needs to support me and that I will do the rest to accomplish them.

7 – Forgive yourself – You make mistakes, I make mistakes. We all have dark shades in our past of mistakes we’ve made, people we’ve hurt.  If you are a good enough person to accept that you made a mistake, then why not forgive yourself and really let go? Just let it go.

8 – Be active – find some form of exercise, be it dancing, bike riding, walking, weight lifting, swimming – take a little time each day to treat your body to a little exercise – you’ll be amazed at how much of a treat it is to your mind too!

9 – Don’t judge. Nothing gets my goat like someone who judges another because they don’t choose to live in a way in which one would. I see a lot of negative vibes on media of people expressing their distaste in which way someone chooses to lose weight, or exercise, or feed their dog. I always say ‘Scientists find new ways every single day – you could be as qualified as they get, doesn’t mean your way is the only way.’ For sure feel free to advise, provide guidance and help, but don’t you dare think its okay to turn your nose up at someone else’s ideas or goals.

10 – Celebrate your success! Nope I don’t mean throw a huge party or spend hours bragging about them to anyone who will listen, but take the time to give yourself a quiet pat on the back about the goals you’ve achieved to date. So many of us myself included reach a goal and instantly set another, more challenging goal. We don’t take the time to be proud of ourselves because we’re all pushing, pushing, pushing to achieve more. Take the time to write down 3 things you’re proud of each day. From helping an old lady cross the street to finally nailing the perfect batch of pancakes.
You’re awesome! Appreciate You!