2017 - Be Your Best You This Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen… allow me to welcome you to 2017 !!!
Happy New Year to you all! I hope your hearts are full of wonderful memories from 2016 and high hopes for the year ahead of us! I know mine is!

Here are just a few tips on how to really bring your best self to the show this year!

1 – Positive Vibes! Seriously, you can’t control people, or situations – but you CAN control how you react to them.  Keep your chin up, ride through the storms with the most positive attitude you can and I’ll bet you that storm passes quicker than you first thought.

2 – Less is more! Take the time to appreciate the little things, the birds singing, the beautiful crisp frost on the grass, the comfort of lying in the arms of someone you love. Remember you don’t need a mountain of friends or a full social calendar to feel like you have substance in your life. The less people you allow to take up your time, the more of your time and you that you can give to the people who really respect it.

3 – Open your mind and don’t be afraid to learn. Knowledge is power and it’s never too late to learn something new.

4 – Live in the moment – I think it’s fantastic to snap pictures of your vacations, family events and general parts of your day, just be careful you’re living in the moment, enjoying and really cherishing it - not through the lens of your camera.

5 – Respect your privacy – No one need’s to know the ins and outs of your private life, especially your personal woes, which there will be some off. Draw a line at what information you share with people, not everyone is your friend and one sure way of ensuring people respect your privacy is to respect it yourself.

6 – Be your own best friend! Yes my partner is my best friend in the entire world, he is the one person I want to share every dark moment and every happy moment with, but on the side I’m also my own best friend. I’m not afraid to take on a challenge on my own, to spend time alone, set my own goals and to self-motivate. Independence is something I’m really proud off, and ultimately something that keeps my man attracted to me. I mean he never knows what random list of goals I’m going to set myself next but he always knows that he only needs to support me and that I will do the rest to accomplish them.

7 – Forgive yourself – You make mistakes, I make mistakes. We all have dark shades in our past of mistakes we’ve made, people we’ve hurt.  If you are a good enough person to accept that you made a mistake, then why not forgive yourself and really let go? Just let it go.

8 – Be active – find some form of exercise, be it dancing, bike riding, walking, weight lifting, swimming – take a little time each day to treat your body to a little exercise – you’ll be amazed at how much of a treat it is to your mind too!

9 – Don’t judge. Nothing gets my goat like someone who judges another because they don’t choose to live in a way in which one would. I see a lot of negative vibes on media of people expressing their distaste in which way someone chooses to lose weight, or exercise, or feed their dog. I always say ‘Scientists find new ways every single day – you could be as qualified as they get, doesn’t mean your way is the only way.’ For sure feel free to advise, provide guidance and help, but don’t you dare think its okay to turn your nose up at someone else’s ideas or goals.

10 – Celebrate your success! Nope I don’t mean throw a huge party or spend hours bragging about them to anyone who will listen, but take the time to give yourself a quiet pat on the back about the goals you’ve achieved to date. So many of us myself included reach a goal and instantly set another, more challenging goal. We don’t take the time to be proud of ourselves because we’re all pushing, pushing, pushing to achieve more. Take the time to write down 3 things you’re proud of each day. From helping an old lady cross the street to finally nailing the perfect batch of pancakes.
You’re awesome! Appreciate You!

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