Blonde Approved!! NuZest Plant Based Protein!

Voted "Most Supportive Approach to Health Professionals" at the Institute of Functional Medicine Conference. Nuzest is the best selling brand of Natural Protein in New Zealand and is growing fast already doing well in over 16 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong! Blonde one here was privaliged to be able to put both Nuzest's plant based protein and Super Greens to the test & I mark all products tried as HIGHLY APPROVED

My favorite flavor being 'Rich Chocolate' the complete protein is smooth, easy to blend, easy to drink, digest and I didn't experience any bloating, or gas like I do with many other brands. What I like the most about this protein is that they have worked to incorporate all 9 of your essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) Leucine - Protein Synthesis' key trigger, helping the body to repair and build muscle tissue. Lysine - for hormone production and healthy bone growth. Phenylalanine - optimal functioning of the central nervous system. Threonine - maintaining the proper balance of protein in the body. Isoleucine - boosts energy and assists the body in recovering from intense exercise. Histidine - ensures the transmission of messages from the brain. Methionine - helps the liver to process fats. Valine - enables healthy brain functioning. Tryptophan - increases the level of serotonin in the brain improving mood.  
Each protein shake contains around 21g of protein, under 1g of carbs and less than half a gram of fat making these incredibly friendly to those on their January weight loss journeys! 

Now to accompany your protein, everyone should be aware to get a good portion of leafy greens into their daily diet - I recognize that this can be difficult for many who really struggle to get a decent amount of greens into their diet and so Nuzest have made this easy with their 'Good Green Stuff' incorporating 21 real plant foods, 21 plant extracts, 16 essential vitamins, 11 essential minerals, fibres & microbiotics,  Enzymes, Bioflavonoids. It's a real energy and brain boosting solution you can either mix with 200ml of water shake and knock back as a shot or mix into your morning smoothy bowl or shake! "Unparalleled Foundational Nutritional Support In One Daily Serving!"

Check out Nuzest here: http://nuzest.co.uk/ for recipe ideas, stress and weight management blog & to try out a good, nutrient dense product. 


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