Blonde Approved!! Renee SixPack Fitness Tote!

This last weekend was a shocking reminder to me just how much money I’ve wasted in recent years on clothing and item’s that ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ 3 large bin liners of clothing donated later and I have vowed, VOWED to cut my shopping habit for good. I’ll be doing a series on cost savings and minimization in weeks to come so please, stay reading! But for now I wanted to show off my favourite investment of 2016 – I generally don’t know how I lived without this item for so long… my beloved, six pack fitness Renee Tote!

Complete with 4 Sixpack Tupperware boxes, a small supplement container, 3 ice cooler bags, this tote allows for storage of 4 small meals plus handbag space for your keys, laptop/tablet/diary, purse – It is perfection for the girl constantly on the go.

Now ranging from £110-180 depending on where you manage to find stock this bag doesn’t come cheap, well not high street cheap.
I think the cheapest I’ve found so far is £110 from Dolphin Fitness UK. (Have you seen their supplement pricing too? Crazy bargains to be found there!)

It’s a little on the large side, I had a few comments about my ‘suitcase’ but the laughter soon turned to wowsers when I showed off its nifty meal management/cooling system so don’t be put off by a little size.. I keep a smaller purse for those weekend dinner dates and smaller events where I don’t need to be organised with food in toe!

All in all, I rate the six pack fitness tote 10 out of 10 for management, style, quality and my happiness since purchasing it!

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