Brinner Brinner French Toast Winner!

At the weekend I love to cook, and on the odd evenings the fella and I are both at home, I'll throw together something a little bit snazzy. Reality is, we are both incredibly busy people with hectic schedules. I train early morning and then work throughout the day and a lot of the time Keek works from early afternoon until 10.30pm at night. 
On those nights I'm cooking just for me and to be honest, I'm pretty lazy about it... more often than not I have 'Brinner' over dinner. 

Here is one of my favorite 10 minutes cook to tummy Brinners!

Protein French Toast!

In a small mixing bowl combine 1 scoop vanilla whey (I use Optimum Nutrition 100% whey for this recipe) 200g Egg whites and give a good whisk before pouring into a large bowl or baking tray. Soak two slices of bread of your choice, I usually opt for small slices of high protein and seed wholemeal for around 3 minutes on each side. Melt 1 tsp of coconut oil on a non stick frying pan and add your protein eggy bread cooking for a couple of minutes each side until they have browned. 
Serve with whatever you fancy! I often have mine with blueberries, or like in the pic below Maple zero syrup & Meridians Peanut Coconut Butter!

There you have it, a simple and tasty way of getting in your carbs, fats and protein!

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