2017 so far.. Blonde Diaries!

… okay how is it even possible that it’s already nearly St Valentines Day? Wasn’t it like Christmas 5 minutes ago? Oohh when’s pancake day? And they are already selling Easter eggs in all my local superstores.. I mean that is torture!!

2017 hit off to a bit of a rocky start for me.. 2 days before new years I found a lump in my left breast which to be quite frank scared the shyt out of me. I tried my best to keep it together over the last of the festive period whilst waiting for a doctors appointment to become available. Now I knew from day one it could have been a million different things, and yet at the back of your mind will always remain the worst possible thing that it could be, for me this was Breast cancer. My nan passed at a young age of breast cancer and my mum has had several cysts which thankfully have all been found to be benign. So I’ve been very aware from a young age the dangers of breast cancer and well last year cancer just seemed to be everywhere, each week on the news a celebrity of some form was being diagnosed or passing away.
Anyways I finally got to see the doctor about a week after finding said lump, due to the high risk in my family I was immediately referred to the hospital where I had an appointment just under a week later, and finally after another long 10 days, the results came in ‘Benign cells’
Thank you all my lucky stars!!!!
What a start to the year eh? Emotionally I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, I would be fine one minute, superwoman the next and hiding under my duvet ignoring the world with a tub of ice cream after that!
I continued my daily gym rituals to the best I could, but would sometimes find myself distracted or unable to get together my ‘mojo’ and then I would get home and eat twice the calories I had burnt and then some! Then just to really ice the cake.. I gave myself food poisoning with some very out of date salmon… euggghhh.

Alas.. it’s done now. January is finished.. February has begun! I took a couple of days after getting the all clear to rest – I slept like a baby for like 3 days straight and then it was time to refocus!

I got back to responding to fitness related questions on my Instagram DM’s and emails (oh yeah, if you have any questions please feel free to drop me a mail at Blond3Ambition@gmail.com I try to get around to responding to these 2-3 times a week and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll always try and find it for you – perks of many friends in the fitness industry)
I passed the coursework stage of my L2 fitness instructor course, just the practical to do, back in the gym 6-9 times a week (6 days, 3 doubles) I’m training with one of the best female personal trainers I know once a week and I’ve reduced my cookie and ice cream cravings down to just twice a week!

So… January sucked, but February is looking much better, I’m focused, happy and feel so fortunate to be sitting here in full health!

Fingers crossed January wasn’t too sucky for you all.. but if it was – Yay to February!!!

Love from me to you! Blonde - xox

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