10 Amazing Ways to Start each day!

1.       Don’t hit snooze – in fact, remove snooze as an option so there is no temptation!

2.       Hydrate - Make your first drink of the day a small bottle of refreshing water with sliced lemon! This will rehydrate you after the night’s sleep and the fibre from the lemon will help to kick start your metabolism!

3.       Don’t reach for your phone – I have a new rule recently, other than to turn the alarm off, I don’t touch my phone until I am up, showered, dressed and good to go.

4.       Focus on the day ahead of you – whatever happened yesterday is done, whatever is happening tomorrow you can worry about tomorrow… so live in the moment. Focus on today.

5.       Stretch – 5 minutes of good stretching always makes me feel good first thing in the morning especially if I am doing step 6…

6.       Exercise – I nearly always have twice the productive day when I feel like I have already achieved something, for example hitting my 10k step challenge before 8am! Not only that, the endorphins will have you floating through the rest of your morning!

7.       Get some natural light – embrace the beauty of nature, listen to the birds singing!

8.       Make your bed, have a quick tidy up – set your evening up with a nice relaxed tidy space to re-enter after a hard day in the office.

9.       Acknowledge 3 things in your life you are already grateful for – count your blessings!

10.    Enjoy the journey – I spend a good hour to 2 in the car travelling to work each morning, sometimes I enjoy sitting in silence, others I like to have an in car karaoke session and currently I am enjoying listening to Melissa Ambrosini’s ‘Mastering your mean girl’ – even though your travelling to your place of work – that time is still yours – saviour it.  

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