A therapist’s prescription for better mental health!

I found this on Pinterest and just loved it so I had to share! A therapist’s prescription for better mental health:
·         Treat yourself with kindness
·         Say ‘No’ when you need to.
·         Step outside of your comfort zone.
·         Don’t compare yourself to others.
·         Embrace your mistakes, they don’t define you.
·         Be truly present.
·         Get outside.
·         Cut yourself some slack.
·         Make rest a priority.
·         Make fun a priority, too.
·         Savor good memories.
·         Make new friends.
·         Laugh often.
·         Create something.
·         Anticipate joy.
·         Appreciate what you have.
·         Learn from your mistakes.
·         Write down your success.
·         Clear out physical and emotional clutter.
·         Move your body more.
·         Pursue a hobby.
·         Put your phone down and connect with the people you are with.
·         Confide in trustworthy people.
·         Treat your mental health with the same importance as your physical health.
·         Slow down.
·         Ask for help when you need it.

·         You don’t have to it all; prioritize what matters most.

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