Building Blonde: Self Love

Fall in love yourself she says, like it’s easy… 90% of us are our own worst critic, we see flaw’s in ourselves that are blind to the eyes of others.. And when our confidence has been knocked dramatically – its human nature to believe our flaws are more visual, much more intense than they actually are.

I believe self-confidence is a mind-set. The mind-set that you do not require any approvals from anyone other yourself, acceptance of your flaws and also accepting self-compliments of the many qualities you undoubtedly have.

You are who you think you are:

I’d been nagging my boyfriend for the last 6 months to spend more time with me and less time on his PlayStation. This caused arguments, I appeared controlling, needy – because I appeared to constantly be demanding his time and attention, and I started believing I am how I am acting – a needy nag. This brings me down, makes me feel depressed about myself, pushing him further away and to wanting to spend more time on his PlayStation than with me. And can I blame him? When I don’t even like the person I am behaving like?

The changing point in the vicious cycle above is realizing the way I was acting was not me -  merely a lack of self-love and insecurities rearing their ugly heads due to a series of events that have happened in my life. Truth is, and I know deep down is that I am a very independent woman. I am more than happy to spend time doing my own thing; I’ve never really needed a big group around me or the approval of others.

The answer to the situation above was to step back, spend some time alone, bring out my inner goddess and BE the person I want to be, the person I am happy being – independent, not in requirement of anyone’s attention.

I wrote a list of things I have achieved in the last 10 years, passing my driver’s test. Holding a stable job in a growing industry, falling in love with fitness, growing my social media, helping complete strangers reach their fitness goals, investing in studies to further help people and gain a qualification in a field I love.

I have a roof over my head, a car that is my own, I put food in my stomach and I pay all my bills on time every month without fail.

I wrote a list of qualities:
I am kind, generous, open minded, I don’t often par-take in gossip and I feel guilty when I do. So I have a conscious. I am hard working, I listen, I adapt and I am always open to learn. I love others with everything I have... 

 – so why shouldn’t I love myself too? 

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