My Top VLoggers! Kara Corey, Nikki Blacketter & Jen Heward!

I’m one of those odd ball's that actually ENJOYS Liss cardio. I like to use it like I use my drives home of an evening – to reflect on my day, and make plans.. most of my best idea’s come in the shower and my best thinking is done on the treadmill. To add further to my enjoyment of cardio is my love of Youtube Vloggers – quite often you can find me panting and sweating away whilst being completely zoned out in an intense power walk glaring at my phone on the treadmill dash – if I look unapproachable, it’s because I really am! Do not disturb Blonde whilst she is in the zone and catching up with her favourite Youtubers!!

Here are my top 3 – I haven’t missed a video for yet:

#1 – Kara Corey – 

Kara is at the top of my list for a couple of reasons, the main being she is the one I can most relate to. She works full time, trains full time, studies for new qualifications, spreads knowledge into the industry with qualified dietician talks and logs each and every one of her daily challenges. I really love to see women juggling the reality of day to day madness and Kara does it amazingly. Plus her and Jason are relationship GOALS!
Kara also bikini competes, is sponsored by Tiger Fitness & has her own fat burner out 'RD Fitburn'

Check out Kara here to see exactly what I mean:

#2 – Nikki Blackketter – 

Nikki hasn’t always been someone I have been able to relate to until I recently went through a series of changes in my personal life – sad as it may seem, it was watching Nikki go through the changes in her life after her 2 breakups with Christian Guzman that got me hooked with her channel. Firstly – to handle things as bravely as she did made Nikki my female hero and watching her come-back was truly inspiring and helped get me on my feet. Then there’s her large collection of food prep idea’s and booty work outs!
Nikki is one of the original fit chick youtubers and has worked with many brands over the years and has recently brought out her own range of fitness clothing the Nikki B line via Gym Shark.

Check out Nikki’s youtube channel here:

#3 – HunnybunsFit – 

Jen Heward is the original reason I got hooked on youtube, although she has been much quieter on the youtube front the last 3-6 month’s whilst working on building her gym up with boyfriend Zac – Jen remains one of my favourite youtubers of all time. Food Prep, full body workouts, hiit workouts, daily diaries ! Plus she is slightly cray cray... to which this blonde can totally relate!
Jen owns a gym in Auburn California, is sponsored by Stance supplements recently bringing out her own fat burning supplement 'FiBurn' and has her own fitness clothing line! 

Check out Jen Heward’s Youtube Channel Here:

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