10 Examples On How To Shift Into A Positive Mindset!

1.       Washing your dishes as a way to have clean plates to eat more delicious food.

2.       Paying your bills as a way of having hot water to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

3.       Cleaning your house as a way of decluttering your physical space your mind.

4.       Exercise as an opportunity to connect with your body.

5.       Staying stuck in traffic as a way to have extra time to listen to your favourite music.

6.       Waiting in line in public spaces as an opportunity to start a conversation with a stranger.

7.       Missing your favourite tv show as an opportunity to read that book you’ve been forgetting about.

8.       The weekend with the children in your family as a way to connect with your inner child.

9.       Missing the bus or train as an opportunity to get a fresh air walk.

10.    Waking up every morning as having a white canvas ahead of you where you can create whatever you want. 

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