20 Day's Of Self Love!

1.       Fill your planner with designated “me” time

2.       Take a bubble bath and read a good book

3.       Catch up on your favourite tv show

4.       Clean out your email inbox

5.       Pick one room and clean it top to bottom

6.       Do your laundry, fold it up and put it away

7.       Make a meal plan to start eating better

8.       Make an upbeat music playlist to listen to

9.       Write 10 things you LOVE about yourself

10.    Donate clothes that no longer fit you

11.    Play a game you enjoy

12.    Organise your desk and clear out old junk

13.    Make a budget to stick to

14.    Call an old friend

15.    Buy something that makes you feel good

16.    Buy a coloring book to help you relax

17.    Take a break from social media

18.    Make a list of things that make you happy

19.    Take a walk in the country side

20.    Take another bath J

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