30 Day Gratitude Challenge!

Your challenge for the next 30 days is to find something in the following list and write about your gratitude towards it:

1.       A moment of inspiration

2.       An article of clothing

3.       Something money can’t buy

4.       A form of movement

5.       A family member

6.       A friend

7.       A leader or a teacher

8.       A simple pleasure

9.       A scripture, passage or quote

10.    A person you spent time with today

11.    A person you can call

12.    A person who makes you laugh

13.    A writing tool

14.    A spiritual practise

15.    A breakfast food

16.    A meal

17.    A dessert

18.    A drink

19.    A difficult situation

20.    A personal trait or characteristic

21.    A personal gift or ability

22.    A small gesture

23.    An upcoming task or assignment

24.    An opportunity

25.    A silver lining

26.    A local spot

27.    A travel destination

28.    A game

29.    A current song on the radio

30.    A single moment today

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