Book Of The Year! Mastering Your Mean Girl!

I’ve never been much of a reader but I have recently got myself into audio books! I like to listen to them as I drive to work, clean the apartment, cook – basically, any time I am alone, and I can zone out into something else – I am all over an audio book. My favourite audio book, which I am currently listening to for the SECOND time is Melissa Ambrosini’s ‘Mastering your mean girl’

(Get your copy here https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Books/Mastering-Silencing-Becoming-Wealthy-Fabulously-Healthy-Bursting/0399176713 )

Melissa does the audio herself and you can hear her sheer self belief in everything she says, from my inner self confidence to becoming a person I actually really like crawling up from Rock Bottom I feel like Melissa has been my guru from afar. The guardian angel who came into my life and changed it – for the better!

For all my ladies out there suffering with any kind of anxiety, questioning self-worth, recovering from a break up and need that light of confidence strung back into you – this one is for you!!!

Thanks Melissa! 

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