Don't Take It Personally!

How to stop taking things personally:

1.       Realise – That other people’s rudeness is not about you. When someone is rude, it’s likely to be a reflection of their own issues.

2.       Ask yourself - what else the comment or behavior might mean. For example, if someone doesn’t smile or say hello, they might be shy.

3.       Take comments – or criticism in a constructive way. Ask yourself if there is any truth to it and what you may be able to learn.

4.       Take a different perspective – ask yourself how an unbiased outsider would see the situation

5.       Realise – that you can’t please everybody.

6.       Know - that you’re not defined by your mistakes or criticism.

7.       Realise - that your self-worth depends on you. It does not depend on what others say about you.

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