Introducing: Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen

Good quality sunscreen should be our first line of defence against the harmful effects of sun exposure and skin cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, malignant melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with on average 40 new cases being diagnosed every day.

While there are some excellent products available, not everyone has access to them and not everyone can afford them, a truth leading dermatologist Dr Andrew Birnie and Dutch economist David Westerbeek find incongruous:

“Deciding whether or not to wear sunscreen, or how much or how often to apply it, should not be based on cost. Everyone should have a basic right to take the necessary precautions to reduce their risks of developing skin cancer. Whilst there are some excellent products available […], most are so expensive that people are reluctant to use them as often, or in as large a quantity as they should,” says skin cancer specialist Dr. Birnie.

And so they tasked themselves with creating a sunscreen that was both high quality and affordable, enabling consumers to protect themselves properly without breaking the bank.

From £2.00 per 100ml, Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen does just that: it affords effective sun protection at an affordable price.

There are two strengths to choose from, SPF30 and SPF50, as well as a family-size litre bottle of SPF30. Priced competitively the SPF30 bottle costs £4.00 for 200ml (sold in packs of two) or £14.00 for a litre pump bottle. The newer SPF50 costs £3.75 for 100ml and fits perfectly in your handbag or cabin luggage.

An altruistic venture
Dr Andrew Birnie and David Westerbeek met during their stay in South Africa. Staggered by the lack of education and affordability of a product they considered to be a simple basic need, they developed Altruist, a high quality sun protection cream that costs as little as a fancy coffee. Unlike a fancy coffee there is no elaborate packaging and no celebrity-fronted marketing campaign – there is barely any profit. What profit there is goes straight back into product development and manufacture, and proceeds from the sale of every bottle of Altruist go to Under the Same Sun and children in Africa suffering from albinism.

Regular application is key
Dr Birnie couldn’t be clearer on this point: regular application and reapplication of sunscreen is crucial; it should be reapplied every two hours, after swimming or after playing sport in the sun. You should be aiming for a teaspoon of cream for your face and a whole shot glass full for your body, something that still happens too little in practice. Traditionally, high-quality sunscreen has only been sold in small-quantity tubes or bottles. Now with the introduction of Altruist’s larger 1-litre pump bottle, a consumer first in the UK and EU, sunscreen has never been more affordable or accessible to sports clubs, schools, day care, construction sites and other groups who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors. Regular dermatologist recommended sunscreens sell for close to £15 per 200ml. Altruist sells its 1-litre pack size on Amazon for less than this.

Key ingredients
The science behind the product is equally as convincing. Both SPF30 and SPF50 strengths are recommended by dermatologists, not least because they use the most sophisticated filters available. Micronised titanium dioxide offers UVA protection beyond EU standards and Tinosorb A2B, one of the most modern sun protection ingredients developed to date, offers protection beyond the usual UV spectrum*. Altruist is also highly photo-stable, which means its UV filters do not degrade easily in the sun; it’s suitable for sensitive skins, is fragrance and paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non pore blocking. It also feels great on. Its non-sticky formula means it absorbs quickly and being water-resistant, it stays put.

Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen is dispatched exclusively from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) and for every 1-litre package of sunscreen sold, Altruist donates 50p to Under the Same Sun.

* In vitro-testing exceeded EU COLIPA recommendations for UVA protection

Under the Same Sun
Altruist sponsors the charity organisation Under the Same Sun, which provides support to children with albinism in Tanzania and the rest of Africa. With its scorching hot sun, the tropical climate of Tanzania puts people with albinism at a high risk for developing skin cancer at an early age. 100% of children with albinism in Tanzania show signs of sun-related skin damage by the age of 10. Altruist donates 10p for the sale of every 200ml bottle and 50p from the sale of every 1L bottle to the charity. In the Netherlands they’ve gone one step further, where they donate one bottle of Altruist for every bottle sold.


Homemade Seasonings: Taco!

During an informal chat with a potential new client the other day he mentioned how he was struggling with his diet because he had been informed that he could not have ANY form of seasoning or sauces mixed in with his foods….
Let me set the record straight… that’s bull pooh. Of course you can season your meat with a little bit of spice. The problem with a lot of the shop bought seasonings however are packed full of additives that aren’t required and a tonn of sodium! Now some sodium is beneficial for your health but in high doses it can cause you to hold onto water retention and bloat – hens the wide misconception they should be avoided like the plague.
So the healthy alternative (as always) is to create your own – that way you know exactly what’s in there – you can leave out the salt, and add the salt manually to your meal to ensure you don’t over consume! Simples!
I’m going to do a series of homemade seasonings and sauces for anyone to enjoy, because lets face it – no one enjoys a plain piece of chicken, especially in some of the portion sizes I see bodybuilders eating!
Starting with – a little bit of Mexicana Taco Seasoning!



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Social Media, Influencers & Real Talk, Darling!

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms!”

The beauty of social media is that it provides a solid way to connect to people you know, people you’ve known and people you’ve never met.  You find yourself drawn to people who appear to be a reflection of what you aspire to become. Often wishing you had similar aspects in your life.

I often get incredibly sweet, kind messages from people I have never met that connect with my social media. Something I will always find hard to swallow is when someone calls me their inspiration… me? I could become a millionaire tomorrow with 100,000 followers and abs of steel – I would still be just like every other person out there. Just like you.

I am not perfect. I have made mistakes! HUGE mistakes, medium mistakes and little mistakes.
I’ve taken the love of others for granted. Hurt people with selfish acts.
I’ve also loved too much, given too much and held on to people for dear life no matter what the cost. The cost often being my self-esteem, dignity and confidence.
I’ve been stubborn and cut my nose of to spite my face, I’ve not taken opportunities that have literally landed in my lap and I’ve tried to salvage things that serve no value to my life.
I’ve smiled in pictures when I’ve been literally broken inside. Usually because I have refused to let go of something that is hurting me.

And you know what? I am not alone. Every single person you follow, the girl next door, the athlete, the actor – they have all made mistakes, experienced setbacks before getting to where they are, in fact 90% of them will be making one right this moment!

Don’t ever, be blindsided by a vision that is purposely displayed for your eyes and don’t ever compare yourself or put yourself down thinking that person is living a better life than you, because we are ALL equal, we all suffer the same and we all fight through every day to be the best person we can at the end of it.
I am an inspiration, I am my inspiration because I have not given up on my dreams, I have not given up on my happiness and I have not given up on myself.

 But I should not be your inspiration, darling, You should be your own


What Is Your Why?


The Recipe Of Success!

When Life Gives You Lemons!


My Job & its place in my life

I recently qualified as a Personal Training and Nutrition consultant after a period of intensive study – I was shocked to discover that those people I’m close to, assumed I would quit my current job and ‘jump out’ into the world of Fitness and Health that I hold so dear.
Sure I set up my own little side projects to help those who can benefit with my guidance on their health and fitness journey but I didn’t quit the day job.

They questioned why I would choose to continue in full time employment for someone else instead of working for myself. There are a few good reasons.

Firstly, I should explain that I work for the MCSA Group, who provide services and solutions for Datacentres in the UK. The staff at the company are like family to me, and I feel the company  appreciates the work I do and in return they take care of me.  That doesn’t mean I’m driving around in a snazzy high-tech BMW with a large expense account and lots of business lunches, it is shown through their patience and understanding, a recent example of this took place  when I fell ill earlier in the year following some dramatic changes in my life.  MCSA and my close colleagues at the company offered the time and patience I needed to get better, they went beyond what I could have expected and supported me in making a full recovery. They added real value to my life.
Secondly, – I Like and value what I do. On the outside, many may see me as simply ‘an Administrator’ for the Operations department.  The Operations department may not be the face of the company; we don’t attend awards, and unless you are a customer or you have a broad understanding of how companies like MCSA work – you’d barely be aware that we existed.

I tend to think of the Operations department as the “boiler room” of our organisation - Remember scene in Titanic with the team of firemen, stokers and trimmers who made up the ‘Black Gang’; they are the “unseen” who are present 5 days a week – loyally churning away in the background… Without the ‘Black Gang’ of any large moving vessel, no Ship would move!

The Operations department is a pivotal link to every department in the company, we assist everyone in some way, contributing to the smooth delivery of  the company’s services to our customers. e.g. when supporting the NHS Services contracts – the sales team collaborate with the maintenance quotes team to turnaround quotes. When the sale is won it is transferred to the purchasing team within the Operations department who  buy the required items to an reasonable timeframe ensuring a seemless delivery of service to our customers.

Another example would be with engineers who require a part to fix a server on a 4 hour SLA in one of the country’s busiest hospitals, they turn to the Operations department who source the parts and ensure the engineers have what they need to complete the call within the agreed time.

Thirdly, I believe I add “value to the wider community”

All the IT infrastructure and services the company provides to the NHS supports the NHS in saving hundreds of thousands of lives every year – and the NHS is just one sector that MCSA look after..
So yes, I am part of the ‘Operations Support Team’  for an IT company, I don’t drive a fancy car and my department is not the face of the company that most customer’s see. However, I am proud of what I do and what I achieve each day.  

In my opinion, I work for the best IT company in the industry.  If we tell you can we can provide – we do our upmost, and more, to make it happen. I love the company I work for, I have real affection and respect for the people I work with and believe in the value of what I do for my company.  I have great satisfaction in knowing that my contribution to maintaining the quality of services provided to the organisations we serve across the UK, both Commercial and Public-Sectors with trusted support to the benefit hundreds of thousands of people in the UK every day.

I feel lucky to be able to mix the value I bring to my work with the support I can give to those who are looking to improve their lives with a healthier lifestyle – my recipe for a positive work, life balance.


Gut Health 101: Healthy Digesters

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Temple Warriors! Online Nutrition Coaching!

Temple Warriors - Online Personal Training

Welcome To Temple Warriors!

Gut Health 101: Bone Broth Recipe!

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Blonde & Belmio - Sitting In A Tree

With busy days of working full time plus studying on the side for my qualifications and then trying to fit in my own training schedule – it’s needless to say coffee became my best friend this summer. So I was over the moon when Belmio offered me some samples of their smooth roasted deliciousness… obviously I had to try every favour… call me a romantic, but Valentina stole my heart with maximum intensity and a hint of chocolate… !

Anyways, never one to hold onto a secret weapon, I had to share some details on mine - I’d definitely recommend you check out Belmio for a Nespresso alternative… not too costly either!

Coffee is undeniably a representation of culture, flavour and aromas. The new Belmio range, with its eight exquisite blends, captures all three. Presented in premium aluminium capsules that protect against oxygen, light and moisture, the Belgians, as with their chocolate, know how to take coffee to the next level.

For when only the best is good enough, Belmio delivers quality that can be savoured pod after pod.

​The Belmio coffee story begins with the very roots of the flavour, in the high-altitude coffee plantations. Here we source what we believe to be the very best Arabica and Robusta beans, with the most unique flavours and the gentlest characters. Next our master roaster subjects every bean to yet another strict selection process, after which he blends them virtuously into sublime, lyrical mélanges. Our coffees are roasted slowly and intensively for a lengthy period, resulting in an extra intense and well-balanced flavour, full body and unique character.
For the modern coffee drinker only the best is good enough, which is why Belmio selects only the best Arabica and Robusta beans for eight distinctive and rich coffees. Choose from Allegro, Origio, Largo, Risoluto and Intenso, and from the Belmio Lovers Range, Valentina, Seducio and Aphrodicia.

Belmio use only aluminium capsules, an industry first, because it is the best material available today to protect quality coffee. Aluminium is also the only material that interacts with coffee machines in such a way to consistently produce the best tasting and aromatic coffee.

NESPRESSO COMPATIBLE                   
With the exception of the Expert, Prodigio, Vertuoline and U machines, all Belmio coffee pods are fully compatible with Original Line Nespresso machines.

The pods cost from £2.90 for 10 pods and are available in the UK from www.belmio-cafe.co.uk. A 50 capsule gift pack assortment is also available, priced £16.50.

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Gut Health 101: Hello Prebiotics!

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Gut Health 101: Heal Your Gut!

This morning as I drove to work I was listening to Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast episode ‘Heal your gut, heal your life’ I was amazed to learn that your gut is effectively your second brain, each human is 90% bacteria and the bacteria you are made up of, is the bacteria make-up of the people you will attract into your life. Only wanting the best for my body and to attract healthy people into my world I then did some research and got together a list of 8 of the best gut healing foods:

1.       Bone Broth – assists your stomach in repairing cell walls as well as containing collagen (hello beautiful skin and joints) and boosts your immune system.

2.       Coconut Oil – Easy to digest fatty acids that boost energy levels and assist your body in burning fat.

3.       Kombucha – powerful probiotic that fights candida, heals your gut and improves mental clarity.

4.       Fermented foods – powerful probiotic that improve digestion and help to lose weight, such as Saurkraut, kimchi and pickles.

5.       Kefir – a cultured dairy drink that improves digestion and boosts your calcium levels

6.       Ginger – fixes malabsorption, boosts the immune system and fights bad bacteria

7.       Turmeric – a superfood that has a powerful inflammatory effect.

8.       Omega-3 foods – supports the good bacteria in your tummy, opt for wild caught salmon, chia seeds and walnuts