Gut Health 101: Heal Your Gut!

This morning as I drove to work I was listening to Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast episode ‘Heal your gut, heal your life’ I was amazed to learn that your gut is effectively your second brain, each human is 90% bacteria and the bacteria you are made up of, is the bacteria make-up of the people you will attract into your life. Only wanting the best for my body and to attract healthy people into my world I then did some research and got together a list of 8 of the best gut healing foods:

1.       Bone Broth – assists your stomach in repairing cell walls as well as containing collagen (hello beautiful skin and joints) and boosts your immune system.

2.       Coconut Oil – Easy to digest fatty acids that boost energy levels and assist your body in burning fat.

3.       Kombucha – powerful probiotic that fights candida, heals your gut and improves mental clarity.

4.       Fermented foods – powerful probiotic that improve digestion and help to lose weight, such as Saurkraut, kimchi and pickles.

5.       Kefir – a cultured dairy drink that improves digestion and boosts your calcium levels

6.       Ginger – fixes malabsorption, boosts the immune system and fights bad bacteria

7.       Turmeric – a superfood that has a powerful inflammatory effect.

8.       Omega-3 foods – supports the good bacteria in your tummy, opt for wild caught salmon, chia seeds and walnuts

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