Homemade Seasonings: Taco!

During an informal chat with a potential new client the other day he mentioned how he was struggling with his diet because he had been informed that he could not have ANY form of seasoning or sauces mixed in with his foods….
Let me set the record straight… that’s bull pooh. Of course you can season your meat with a little bit of spice. The problem with a lot of the shop bought seasonings however are packed full of additives that aren’t required and a tonn of sodium! Now some sodium is beneficial for your health but in high doses it can cause you to hold onto water retention and bloat – hens the wide misconception they should be avoided like the plague.
So the healthy alternative (as always) is to create your own – that way you know exactly what’s in there – you can leave out the salt, and add the salt manually to your meal to ensure you don’t over consume! Simples!
I’m going to do a series of homemade seasonings and sauces for anyone to enjoy, because lets face it – no one enjoys a plain piece of chicken, especially in some of the portion sizes I see bodybuilders eating!
Starting with – a little bit of Mexicana Taco Seasoning!

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