My Job & its place in my life

I recently qualified as a Personal Training and Nutrition consultant after a period of intensive study – I was shocked to discover that those people I’m close to, assumed I would quit my current job and ‘jump out’ into the world of Fitness and Health that I hold so dear.
Sure I set up my own little side projects to help those who can benefit with my guidance on their health and fitness journey but I didn’t quit the day job.

They questioned why I would choose to continue in full time employment for someone else instead of working for myself. There are a few good reasons.

Firstly, I should explain that I work for the MCSA Group, who provide services and solutions for Datacentres in the UK. The staff at the company are like family to me, and I feel the company  appreciates the work I do and in return they take care of me.  That doesn’t mean I’m driving around in a snazzy high-tech BMW with a large expense account and lots of business lunches, it is shown through their patience and understanding, a recent example of this took place  when I fell ill earlier in the year following some dramatic changes in my life.  MCSA and my close colleagues at the company offered the time and patience I needed to get better, they went beyond what I could have expected and supported me in making a full recovery. They added real value to my life.
Secondly, – I Like and value what I do. On the outside, many may see me as simply ‘an Administrator’ for the Operations department.  The Operations department may not be the face of the company; we don’t attend awards, and unless you are a customer or you have a broad understanding of how companies like MCSA work – you’d barely be aware that we existed.

I tend to think of the Operations department as the “boiler room” of our organisation - Remember scene in Titanic with the team of firemen, stokers and trimmers who made up the ‘Black Gang’; they are the “unseen” who are present 5 days a week – loyally churning away in the background… Without the ‘Black Gang’ of any large moving vessel, no Ship would move!

The Operations department is a pivotal link to every department in the company, we assist everyone in some way, contributing to the smooth delivery of  the company’s services to our customers. e.g. when supporting the NHS Services contracts – the sales team collaborate with the maintenance quotes team to turnaround quotes. When the sale is won it is transferred to the purchasing team within the Operations department who  buy the required items to an reasonable timeframe ensuring a seemless delivery of service to our customers.

Another example would be with engineers who require a part to fix a server on a 4 hour SLA in one of the country’s busiest hospitals, they turn to the Operations department who source the parts and ensure the engineers have what they need to complete the call within the agreed time.

Thirdly, I believe I add “value to the wider community”

All the IT infrastructure and services the company provides to the NHS supports the NHS in saving hundreds of thousands of lives every year – and the NHS is just one sector that MCSA look after..
So yes, I am part of the ‘Operations Support Team’  for an IT company, I don’t drive a fancy car and my department is not the face of the company that most customer’s see. However, I am proud of what I do and what I achieve each day.  

In my opinion, I work for the best IT company in the industry.  If we tell you can we can provide – we do our upmost, and more, to make it happen. I love the company I work for, I have real affection and respect for the people I work with and believe in the value of what I do for my company.  I have great satisfaction in knowing that my contribution to maintaining the quality of services provided to the organisations we serve across the UK, both Commercial and Public-Sectors with trusted support to the benefit hundreds of thousands of people in the UK every day.

I feel lucky to be able to mix the value I bring to my work with the support I can give to those who are looking to improve their lives with a healthier lifestyle – my recipe for a positive work, life balance.

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