Blonde's Ultimate Bridzilla Box!

My gorgeous girl Britney is getting married this month… shes handled everything with perfection (and isn’t paying me to say this) but I got to thinking and I’ve decided Bridzilla boxes should actually be a thing… it could include:

#Bridezilla – don’t forget that Bridesmaids get stressed too:
Formulated with essential herbs to help promote relaxation and calm, the Vie Stress Relief Patch is designed to provide support in times of challenge. Active ingredients include the well-documented favourites valerian, hops and passion flower, and these are delivered direct into the bloodstream via your skin. Simply apply the Vie Stress Relief Patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin when feeling stressed. Patches are discreet and can be left on for up to 24 hours; for easy removal, wet patch and peel off. Vie Stress Relief Patches use 100% natural ingredients and can be purchased for £8.95 for six patches, online from www.vie-healthcare.com

Energy Levels lacking?
If you’re feeling tired for no perceivable reason, think twice before you reach for that sugar-laden energy drink as there’s a good chance you need a very different kind of pick-me-up.
Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Without it or without enough of it, the human ‘engine’ starts to splutter, resulting in listlessness, lethargy and even a lack of appetite. Anyone can be deficient in iron but women are particularly prone, especially during menstruation and pregnancy, as are vegetarians and vegans, whose diets may be lacking in some of the more common food sources, typically red meats and sea food, although dark green leafy vegetables are also a good source. The chews have a fruity berry taste and are available from independent health stores nationwide and online fromwww.healthy2u.co.uk, Hübner’s Iron Vital M+ Chewables cost £9.95 for 30 delicious-tasting, energy-packed chews.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BLUE:
Rejuvenating & Lubricate - first natural anti-ageing lubricant by In2mate, a UK skincare brand, has developed their first natural anti-ageing lubricant that helps both rejuvenate and lubricate vaginal skin. Key ingredients also help repair, detoxify and lubricate vaginal skin. All skin loses moisture with age, but in particular the thin vaginal skin begins to lose moisture when female sex hormones are depleted with age. In2mate Natural Lubricant contains Levan, a natural plant fructose that protects plants against damage from frost and drought by locking in moisture via the formation of a natural micro film over the plant’s surface. Used on the skin it does the same thing, helping lock in moisture and giving skin a smoother more slippery feel. In2Mate Natural Lubricant is made with 99.3% natural ingredients and is a natural-feeling non-perfumed rejuvenating lubricant. The In2Mate Natural Lubricant costs £8.95 (75ml) visit: www.in2mate.co.uk

Feeling a little sick?
Gin Gins CARAMEL from The Ginger People - Fondly referred to as their “potion for the motion”, Gin Gins CARAMEL is a delicious, slightly chewy sweet packed with a whopping 30% fresh ginger – their most potent sweet yet! Modern research confirms its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, indigestion, flatulence and dizziness. Gin Gins CARAMEL is the latest addition to The Ginger People’s range and with its softer texture and extra blast of ginger warmth it’s distinctly different from the original Gin Gins hard boiled sweets. Gin Gins CARAMEL costs £1.65 for a 31g box and is available from www.healthy2u.co.uk 

Don’t forget to cover up those red marks:
NEW tone-matching ‘chameleon’ concealer for red & sensitive skin with soft-focus technology, prebiotics & SPF - It’s notoriously impossible to find a concealer that’s a perfect match for skin prone to redness as well as being suitable for very sensitive skin. New KALME Chameleon Concealer does it ALL and more! Chameleon Concealer contains magical new tone-matching and soft-focus technology for perfectly concealing skin prone to redness (including rosacea), spots, bumpiness and sensitivity. The tone-matching technology allows the concealer to change colour as it’s applied to match skin tone exactly.
Chameleon Concealer doesn’t just cover up it also treats symptoms of red skin and rosacea via a basket of naturally active ingredients including: Anti-redness - Derma Sensitive is a patented extract of caper buds proven to reduce redness and sensitivity by up to 70%. Skin Repair - Biolin is a skin prebiotic proven to repair and strengthen delicate skin. Moisturisation & Anti-inflammatory - Soline is a unique extract taken from sunflower oil proven to provide intense moisturisation and anti-inflammatory actions. Pure Mineral SPF20 - Titanium Dioxide offers a mineral SPF20 to protect from UV damage while not aggravating sensitive skin.
Chameleon Concealer is FREE from parabens, perfumes, MI and SLS and contains only naturally active ingredients formulated for use on very sensitive skin. Chameleon Concealer costs £19.95 (50ml). Available from www.skinshop.co.uk

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