Dear Instagram - We Need A Break

Hello Instagram... my feelings towards you have somewhat changed a little and whilst I wont be walking away entirely - I do feel we need a little distance whilst I be selfish with my time and apply it to other areas in my life. 
You see you've been an amazing tool in my life and I've got to meet so many incredible people through you which I will forever be grateful for. It's just lately I've found myself comparing this version of me to a version I was once before - whilst this version is wiser and slightly less scatty, her abs aren't perfection and this little blonde one found herself mentally crucifying herself for finding a little fat dimple on her leg! 😱 ridiculous right?! I can't be perfect all year around yet I've put sooooo much pressure on myself staying to a specific standard that I set myself that I've become overly critical of the beauty that is my body and mind as it currently stands! 
I'm still here, I'll still be posting (though not as frequently), I'd just like a little time to get some routine and inner fueled self confidence back. Instagram, I love you. But I love me more. 

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