3 Fabulous Finds - October 2017!

Splurges of a shopaholic that could add happiness to the lives of the linkminded… here are my 3 fabulous finds for October 2017!
Essie “Knee-High Life” nail polish – Essie has been my favourite nail brand for some time now, and I’m really impressed with their fall collection 2017 – and this is my favourite from the range – it screams, class, red wine and warmth!

RRP £7.99 but often on offer (buy one get one half price)

Jordans skinny syrup! I may be trying to cut my coffee intake down as I found I was craving more sweet treats in the evening on the days where I’ve drank a lot of coffee, now I’m not science clued up on the matter, it’s just something I have personally found – and until I get to the bottom of the cause – I’ll be making small eliminations to test my theory! So, still having my morning coffee and maybe a mid day pick me up I wanted to make them really special and savior every drop – to do this I invested in a couple of sugar free syrups and the Jordans Cinnamon Vanilla skinny syrup is coming up mega trumps!!

Last and only because it took nearly 2 month’s to turn up is my beloved planner! I am the organised obsessed, I have Christmas planned and prepped by the end of October – kind of organised so I love love love my ‘Getting things done’ planner. I ordered mine for £29 but like mentioned I did have to wait a long while for delivery… however if you can be patient – this is a great purchase for my fellow OCD organisers!

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