Blonde Meets Fitcheck! The New FitPro Platform!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the fitness industry! Iron! Dumbbells! Protein Shakes! Macros! Friday! Do I have your attention?


So as you all know, because I pretty much haven’t stopped banging on about it, earlier this year I qualified as a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.

When I wanted to start marketing my new found skills and how I could use them to help other people I was informed by on of our local gym manager’s that Fitcheck were the new, highly improved fitness register on the market.

So I checked them out and was thrilled to find out not only do Fitcheck thoroughly vet every single professional qualification and review submitted providing your potential clients with constant reassurance that they aren’t being scammed and that their safety is in the hands of a real professional - Fitcheck also look after the fitness professional by providing you with a space on their register to platform what you offer – easy marketing!

In short, Fitcheck aren’t interested in how many social media followers you’ve got in order to support your business – nor do they give you a set amount of CPD points to have to reach every year to maintain your profile.

Fitcheck understand that it’s about matchmaking the perfect professional for the client whilst providing clients with freedom of choice on a level playing field and providing that client with assurance they are in capable hands.

Couple of other perks: Myprotein discount, a great and easy to function website & fantastic customer service.

Look, I know how hard it is to get yourself out there – trust me, I do. So if I can provide useful tips as I learn along the way – I’m here to help!

Memberships are currently running at £9.99 on promotion, so now is a great time bite the bullet, get yourself out there and enjoy reaping in the rewards! 

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