Mental Health Awareness Week: Depression Going Overlooked & Untreated

New Study Shows that Depression & Anxiety Going Untreated in Chronically Ill Patients.
For millions of people in the UK, chronic illnesses and depression are facts of life. As World Mental Health Day approaches, Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s leading provider of online evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy CBT puts the spotlight on depression and anxiety amongst people  already coping with a chronic illness. Ieso presents the findings of a new, independent survey of 1,500 individuals managing some form of long term illness. This study’s main findings show that:
·     86% of people living with a chronic illness have experienced depression and/or anxiety. 
·     Just over half have had access or have undertaken therapy (52.4%).
·     Almost 7 out of 10 (66.5%) said their chronic illness prevented them from getting out and about.
·     55+ year old sufferers most likely to suffer in silence (81%).

Online Therapy Offers Fast & Accessible Treatment for Individuals Living with a Long Term Illness and also Suffering with Depression or Anxiety.

Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Ieso Digital Health says:

“The risk of clinical depression is often higher in individuals with serious long term medical illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. 

Recognition and treatment of anxiety or depression is crucial as depression worsens the course of a chronic illness. Symptoms of depression are frequently masked by these other physical illnesses, resulting in treatment that addresses the medical symptoms but not the underlying depression or anxiety.

Online therapy such as Ieso is ideal for those individuals who who find that, pain, fatigue and other debilitating symptoms make it difficult to get out of the house, who are immobile, or people who simply prefer to access therapy in the privacy of their own home. Online therapy is also eliminating long waiting lists as therapy can be accessed within 48 hours.”

Why online therapy such as Ieso offers Hope for People with a Chronic Illness:
Access to therapy is very often out of reach for people living with a long term illness, due to mobility issues, travelling distance, waiting lists, accessibility restrictions or simply just a lack of awareness that they have can get therapy online.
What is a Chronic Illness?
Any health problem requiring ongoing management over a period of years or decades and one that cannot currently be cured but can be controlled with the use of medication and/or other therapies (NHS).

Case Study Name:                   John Riley
Condition:                               Depression associated with Chronic Illness

John Riley, aged 58 from Hornsea, East Yorkshire is married with three children.  John spent much of his career working in a Local Authority housing management until he suffered a nervous breakdown in 1993.  Six years later, in 1999 John was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  John also suffers from fibromyalgia a medical condition characterised by chronic, widespread pain and heightened pain response to pressure.  John has experienced constant depression and anxiety as a result of being chronically ill.  He found Ieso online therapy has helped him cope with his depression and long term health conditions.  John’s daily routine involves taking a variety of different medications including morphine and muscle relaxants to help his Fibromyalgia and other tablets to help control his diabetes.  John has also suffered for nine years with an unknown and undiagnosed muscle disease.

“I am on long term sick leave now and in pain all the time, but I take my medication daily and carry on as best I can at my own speed” says John.  John’s breakdown in 1993 was the first time that John experienced depression and anxiety

“At the time I was working in local housing as an enquiry officer.  We were a small team, dealing with over 100 applications for housing with little or no space on our waiting lists. I think the break point for me came when we could not find housing for a family on Christmas Eve and another woman who had been the subject of domestic violence.  It was all just too much.”  John describes his lowest point as “coming home from work and collapsing in a heap, in tears, beside his hoover because I could not remember how to work it. A friend called in and as John recounts now, said “you are supposed to plug it in!”

John knew that he desperately needed help “When the depression related to my chronic illness came back again this year.  I just wanted to be able to talk to someone who was non-judgemental.  I knew I was becoming very depressed again.”  Then a leaflet came in the door about Ieso therapy which was available through NHS.  I was amazed at how quickly I got my first appointment.  I had ten sessions with a kind and caring female counsellor.  We were one-to-one in our own virtual clinic.” 

John says the key to making cognitive behavioural therapy work is that “I could say absolutely anything I needed to say my therapist.  She helped me to look at things in a different way.  The best part was that I was able to get help immediately, I was not just put on a long waiting list.  The tools the therapist gave me have really helped me to cope and the best thing is I can still access my account and reread the text transcripts about all the things we spoke about.  I would really recommend the Ieso digital health service to others suffering depression with a chronic illness as it’s very accessible too and you don’t have to leave your home to go to a clinic.” added John.

About Ieso Digital Health
·        Ieso Digital Health provides online (written text) enhanced CBT via the NHS IAPT (Improving Access to psychological Therapies) scheme. Founded by psychologists, and harnessing a pioneering intelligent technology platform, the company’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, convenient and accountable CBT.
·        Ieso’s leading edge technology platform and evidence-based clinical programs enable more cost effective and productive solutions for health care providers and other companies. Ieso offers secure, one-to-one, real-time cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programmes delivered by accredited therapists, who are trained, monitored and supervised to adhere to the clinical protocols developed by the company’s world-class clinical team.
·        CBT such as Ieso is the gold standard, NICE approved treatment protocol for anxiety & depression.  Ieso’s online modality has also been clinically validated (cf The Lancet, 2009).
·        Ieso’s revolutionary technology platform continuously improves by applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly enhance its digital and therapist support. The personalised care can be offered at scale, is cost effective, and removes significant barriers such as stigma and accessibility that can prevent treatment.
·        Headquartered in the U.K., Ieso Digital Health is the leading provider of CBT in the UK and is now available to U.S.-based providers and patients. For more information, visitwww.iesohealth.com

About Sarah Bateup
·         Sarah is a BABCP (British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapists) accredited cognitive behavioural therapist and supervisor and has delivered over 25,000 hours of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to people across the UK.
·         Having worked for many years within the UK National Health Service (NHS) managing talking therapies services, she is responsible for all clinical management at Ieso Digital Health, including therapist supervision and quality monitoring. Sarah also provides clinical training at a number of leading universities.

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