Shred Essentials! Sweet Sweat!

Hello my lovely readers!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and happy October!!!!! Fall is my favvvvv!

Had a busy weekend in the gym, really in my element and enjoying it at the moment! And to celebrate fall I whipped together some turkey mince and veggies with butternut squash and sweet potato mash – oh it was delightful! Super comforting, yet low calorie – perfect.

Anyways – what I wanted to talk to you all about today is my beloved sweet sweat!
I started using sweet sweat around a year ago, it’s part of my shred essentials kit and I’m about to tell you why…

Firstly – before you get me wrong – You can not spot reduce fat loss. I repeat you can not spot reduce fat loss – you can however target area’s and use products like this to excel the process. I wouldn’t be using this product myself if I didn’t believe it worked. I’ve felt and seen a difference since training with it, and I believe you could too!

Sweet Sweat 'Workout Enhancer' greatly accelerates and enhances circulation and sweating during your workout. It takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people might think. And like all energy consuming processes, sweating helps burn calories.

Sweet Sweat helps improve circulation, motivation, and perspiration during your workout. Providing all the benefits of the original, the coconut jar adds the aroma and moisturizing properties of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Made with all natural materials, the gel may be used as often as you like with no harmful side effects. Many long time users say they will never workout without it. 
  • ·         Accelerates Warm-up & Recovery time.
  • ·         Targets "Slow To Respond" Problem & Injured Areas
  • ·         Promotes and additional increase in circulation, sweating and motivation.
  • ·         Fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries, such as shin splints, pulls, and strains.
  • ·         Natural Coconut aroma will keep you smelling fresh during and after your workout.
  • ·         Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and other natural oils will help hydrate the skin

I would never be without my sweet sweat during a shred season cardio sesh (Yes I shred through Fall, I’m season nocturnal!) and what’s more is I am able to offer all of my followers and readers a chance to try this product out at a slightly discounted price with my code: BLOND6

Happy sweating my lovelies!

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