Blonde Rambles: The Distraction Game

I think it’s amazing how quickly your life can turn around and slap you in the face the SECOND you take your eyes off the ball.

This happened to me a lot this year.

When I’m on form – slaying the shit out of each day – I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

When I am unstoppable, I am confident, happy, excited about every single aspect of every single day – when I breath those positive vibes onto you, know that I FEEL every single one of them from my heart.
I’ve noticed I am much more attractive as a person to others when I am in this state of mind too – when you feel good on the inside, it shines through – and your vibe really does attract your tribe!

It starts like this: You get distracted by a person or a situation for 5 minutes, then it turns to 10 minutes and before you know it the balls on one side of the country and you're on the other! Okay, slight exaggeration – but you get what I mean.
Then the distraction comes to a halt – like it was all just a dream and the reality of how much time you wasted hits you in the face.

Then comes the insecurities and self criticism  – have I lost my game?

Then…. comes anger. Anger at the distraction, anger at yourself for being swallowed up by some bullshit allowing you to take your eyes of YOUR GOALS in YOUR LIFE.

The final stage after this… is accepting the situation, letting go and getting back on your game.
Letting go – sounds so easy when it’s written down but acting it out when something has affected you is so much harder. I know.

I want you to know, what I wish someone would have told me – this happens to everyone. Life is a constant battle of U-turns and distractions. I also want you to know IT’S OKAY.

You will find your way back, because it’s built into you to slay -  if it wasn’t, you’d never have recognized the distraction as a distraction in the first place.

That’s all it was, a bullshit, distraction. 

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