BYE 2017!!!

2017……. What can I say, you were a bit of a head banger weren’t ya!!

Break ups, make ups, cancer scares, depression, anxiety, binge eating….
Then there were house moves, meeting incredible women I now can’t imagine being without, getting qualified in the fitness industry, getting qualified in the nutrition industry, business start up’s and celebratory nights out with amazing people that I will never forget!
Nearly every time I started walking in one direction the road would get windy and it was like someone was screaming PLOT TWIST!!!
What’s more, is nearly everyone I know, had a rough 2017. In some cases, I would even go as far as to say I had it easy.
I aint mad bout it though!! Not even a little bit!
Every one of those experiences taught me something new about myself, taught me to trust strangers a little less, my intuition a little more.
2017 taught me how to be alone, how to be my own best friend and how to love myself in a way I never really had before. That journey of finding me, has helped me to be a better person to others in my life. So when they say being selfish is a bad thing – is it? Really?
My prediction is that 2018 will continue to trial and teach all of us, and my hope is that we can use our experiences from 2017 to create new blessings for our lives going forward. Why be bitter when you can be better?
So long 2017. I’m over you. Come at me 2018!!

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