January Reflections!

I’m going to be real with you – January wasn’t quite as easy for me as I had imagined….

What went well?

Pegasus, Pegasus & Pegasus – I learnt more about coaching and working with people in one month than I ever could have imagined. I’ve worked day and night most days of the week and literally loved every second of it.

What was challenging?

Getting into new routines, I did knock myself out of my fitness routine through January because I was trying to fit too much into one day, knowing I could get back on the wagon at any point meant I let that become less of a priority – something I will fix in February because – yo girls gotta make progress too.

What did I learn this month?

Well, I love too deeply, naively, and I’m still at 29 years old utterly useless at protecting my heart. This ‘flaw’ if you will, causes me huge amounts of heartache when something doesn’t work out how I had hoped it would. I need to get better at loving me more, so I accept less heartache from others.

What surprised me this month?

In December I was petrified of starting up at Pegasus, I thought the existing members may not accept me, that I’d struggle putting to fit in because in person I’m not the loudest human – so when coaching my classes and personal training became the one thing that would shut my mind off to everything else in the world and Pegasus felt like home after a week – that was a nice surprise.

Is there anything left over from this month you’d benefit from making peace with?

Myself… I’m way too hard on myself. I spent a good chunk of the month looking at my failures and forgetting my successes. So I’m going to go into in February making peace with myself and anything I didn’t quite manage in January.

Check in tomorrow to see my February Ideas!


Blondes Guide: Understanding your Macro's and Micro's

The basics on Macro's for beginners:

There are 3 different macro-nutrients: Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. Macro-nutrients are responsible for providing the body with calories, or energy. The body requires large amounts of macro-nutrients to sustain life – hence the term “Macro” 

1g Protein = 4 calories. Protein is the building block of muscle, made up of essential and non-essential amino acids that are directly linked to muscle cell development. Non-essential amino acids are made naturally by humans, so they are not essential to the human diet. Essential Amino acids cannot be made by the body therefore must come from food. The 9 essential Amino acids are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. 
In order to repair, maintain or grow muscle, you are required to maintain a balance of protein at all times. Remember - the more muscle you have, the quicker your body metabolizes all of the macro's you put into it, so you really need to preserve those lovely muscles! 

1g Carbohydrate = 4 calories. Carbohydrates provide you with most of the energy your body and brain need as they make up 40/50% of your daily calorific intake. Carbohydrates are broken down by the body into glucose which is then stored for when your body needs it. When looking to use energy sources your body will automatically use the glucose energy stores first before turning to proteins and fat.

This is where low carbohydrate diets come from – the idea is to manipulate where the body pull’s energy from; with lack of glucose stores you force the body to use proteins and fats.

However - it's my personal opinion that by maintaining a proper balance of carbs, your body will be much more efficient at burning fat and is less likely to breakdown muscle tissue for energy.

1g Fat = 9 calories. There has been a huge misconception that ‘fat is bad for you’ when in fact, fats are essential for maintaining healthy skin, nails, insulation to keep the body temperature and cushioning to protect the body organs.

Fitness wise, Fats promote growth and development as well as maintaining cell membranes and helping your body to absorb important essential vitamins and minerals. Fat is also a secondary source of energy.

Understanding your Micro's:
Although only needed in much smaller amounts (hence the term micro) micro-nutrients are essential for the full functioning of every energy and organ system in the body making them vital for good overall health. There are two classes of micro-nutrients, Vitamins + Minerals and each vitamin and mineral has its own specific role in the body.
Because our bodies don’t naturally create micro nutrients they must be supplied through a varied nutrient dense diet. I could write an entire book on the different kinds of vitamins and what they do for you but to give a quick overall on some of the most important:
  • Vitamin A – Supports healthy eyesight and gums – Sources: Milk, cheese, egg yolks, citrus fruits, and vegetables.
  • Vitamin C – Healthy immune system – sources: Citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries, cabbage, parsley.
  • Vitamin E – antioxidants that help to fight free radical damage in the body – Sources: Olives, olive oil, avocado, wholegrains.
  • Vitamin D – strong bones and immune system – Sources: Citrus fruits, broccoli, berries, cabbage and spring greens.
  • B Vitamins – energy production, nervous system and digestion aid – Sources: Legumes, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, leafy green vegetables.
  • Iron – red blood cell production – Sources: Lean meat, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, legumes.
  • Calcium – strong healthy bones and teeth – Sources: Dairy products, almonds, tahini, green leafy vegetables.
  • Magnesium – Healthy nervous system – Sources: Nuts, seeds, wholegrains, green leafy vegetables.
  • Zinc – healthy skin, reproductive + immune function: Sources – Lean meat such as chicken, fish, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  • Selenium – antioxidant that protects the body from chronic diseases and premature aging – Sources: Brazil nuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, oats.


The Gym Deli Vegan Protein Brownie Recipe!!

If you follow my Instagram, last night you would have seen that my good friend Natalie over at Gym Deli sorted me out with some incredible meatballs and some delicious brownies. I also charmed the brownie recipe out of her so I could share them with all of you! I know I know.. I’m good to you!!

The following brownies are vegan, protein and out of this world orgasms in your mouth! Enjoy!!

Ingredients to make 16 small slices:
1 cup/90g sun warrior vegan protein
4tbsps cacao powder
1 cup soft dates
50g shelled pistachios
75g almonds
2-4 tbsp pecans and 2-4 tbsp’s hazelnut roughly chopped/smashed for garnish
1 pinch pink salt
1 tbsp chia seeds
Quarter cup of almond milk
Ganache Topping:
2 tbsp cacao powder
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp honey


PREP (15 minutes)

Measure out all the ingredients. Blitz all nuts, cacao, chia seeds and salt in a small food mixer.
Transfer this mixture to a large food processor, adding dates, milk and protein powder.
N.B if the mixture is too dry, add almond milk1 tbsp at a time until you reach the desired consistency; forming one big ball sticking together. (N.B if the mixture is too sticky add more nuts)

Spoon mixture out onto parchment paper. Using a rolling pin, roll out the mixture and form into one large square (1 inch thick). Use the straight edge of a knife to press against the edges of the square, ensuring uniform shape.
Firmly press roughly chopped pecans into the top of the brownie.

GANACHE (5-10 Minutes)
Combine all of the ingredients into a small food mixer, spoon out into a small container and let it sit in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before spooning onto the brownie. N.B the consistence changes and it is easier to apply.
Spoon out the ganache, using the back of the spoon to spread across the entire brownie. Sprinkle smashed hazelnuts for garnish. For best results leave in the fridge overnight.

A bit about The Gym Deli; 
The Gym Deli was formed in 2016 by Natalie Simone after there was a massive lacking of good quality food prep companies in Buckinghamshire - for a town with more gyms than anything else and a university full of students looking for affordable meals to compliment their training, it surprises me that no one was smart enough to come up with this sooner. 
Natalie pours her heart, soul and every penny into the gym deli to create some of the best tasting healthier versions of some of our favourite meals. My favourites being her meatballs and jerk chicken! Like, you honestly wouldn't even know its good for you! 
You can find The Gym Deli meals stocked at Pumping Iron, Bodyflex gym or place orders for collection using email thegymdeli@hotmail.com 
Snacks start as little as £3 and full, balanced meals as low as £4.75, Macro's can be provided and custom meals available. 


Finding Faith - xo

Life rarely ever goes exactly as planned. Often life will take you in a completely different direction to the path you intended to travel.
But no matter what happens, have faith.
Faith that, in the end, not right now, but in the end, it will work out .
Faith is believing it will happen when there are no signs it will happen Faith is believing in your dream when no one else does.
Faith is sitting in the storm of your life and still being able to close your eyes and picture the sunny skies still, being able to feel the better days are coming despite the storm all around you now that's faith.
Sometimes you need to risk it all for a dream only you can see. Have faith in your dream no matter what you have to sacrifice to get there, no matter how long it's going to take; I have faith this will work out in the end.
Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole path, trusting the rest of the path will reveal itself in time if you keep moving forward.
Faith is stepping out there and having a crack when the conditions aren't perfect. If you wait for the condition to be perfect to go after the thing you want, you may be waiting forever.
Einstein once said, "Only those who can see the invisible can achieve the impossible" You must have faith What you are picturing in your mind will come to life.
You must have faith the struggle will pass.
You must have faith your time will come, because when you believe in yourself, you are unstoppable. There is no greater asset than faith and believing in yourself.
Let your faith be bigger than your fears. Have faith success will be near.
Remember, it may not happen immediately, but just know that in time, it absolutely will happen; long term, it's yours. Just keep believing and never lose faith.
Faith is believing it will happen when there are no signs that it will happen.
It does not matter where you are right now or who you have been If you have faith and a relentless desire to succeed, you can really achieve anything in this world.

Have faith you will be great and go get it.



“Actually, I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again, so I changed”

Insecurities, fears, envy, despair, frustration, shame, guilt, grief…

What if we woke up one morning and just decided we didn’t want to feel those things anymore?
In my life that is exactly what happened I just shut off EVERYTHING negative in my life & with a single mind FOCUSED on my success’ and my goals and the little things that make me excited to live my life. Because I CHOSE TO. I know I know, I thought it was a fluke at first too and then I woke up the next day and the next and I still feel the exact same way – FREE.

It was an ACTIVE DECISION to turn it all off and I did it out of self-respect.

We all make mistakes, we must learn to LET THEM GO and if someone hurts you – LET THEM GO TOO! And don’t be doing it with a negative spin, making a huge dramatic scene everyone is going to witness. Do it silently with grace. Walk away with your head held high in the knowledge YOU CONTROL who impacts your emotions – YOU!!

If you see said person at an event, there is no need to be rude. Smile cutely, say hello politely and then excuse yourself from the conversation. It really is that simple. What we are doing here is removing that person from our hearts and ‘acquaintance zoning’ them – again, this is a conscious CHOICE.


Don’t like your job? Find another one.
Don’t want to be associated with that person? Add distance.
Don’t want to macro track? Eat mindfully and intuitively.
Don’t want to compete just because all your friends are? Don’t do it.
Don’t want to keep repeating the same arguments over and over with someone? Show them the door. If they aint getting it after 3 arguments darlin, they aren’t going to get it at all because they are making an Active Decision to not understand where you are coming from. So make an Active Decision to no longer give that person any more of your time or emotional energy. That person, the one you ‘think’ you can’t live without – you were doing just fine before they came on the scene and if they are emotionally draining you, I can promise you will do better than fine without them on the scene.

I know this all sounds kinda cut throat, I’m not telling you to stop caring about everyone who’s ever given you jip, but simplify your life down but cutting some emotional or fear ties when people repeatedly cause you pain, shame or lack of confidence.

I promise you, if you make the decision, act on it with grace and focus on the things that really are important to you – you will feel such an incredible sense of power and control over your own life. This new-found power and strength is enough to boost your confidence in conquering the next fear!

We were born with minds of our own for a reason.

Make today the day you discover your own mind, make some decisions and RUN YOUR LIFE. 


Clutter Be Gone!

Do you know what really makes me tick? HAVING MY SHIT TOGETHER IN THE MOST ORGANISED WAY EVER!

Seriously, I am like an OCD’s dream, I don’t have OCD but I do get a rush from cleaning out my closet, and I find it to be one of the most therapeutic tasks there is!

When I let go of the rubbish I’ve been hoarding, sparkle up the wheels on my motor it makes me sparkle from the inside out. There’s a phycologic reason for this: Mental clutter creates a ‘brain dance’ that fogs your mind from being able to think clearly amidst all the crap floating around in there. When you look at that overwhelming over-spilling wardrobe of STUFF you have never worn, forgot you bought or meant to return - your brain goes into the same brain dance. 

In my opinion being disorganized is a waste of time and the fall out of being disorganized often costs us more money and time when dealing with the consequence of being disorganized.
“I woke up late, ran out of the door and forgot my lunch because I was too busy trying to find the keys I left in the pocket of the jacket at the bottom of my overfilled wardrobe. Because I forgot my lunch I then had to go out and buy food, this took time out of my lunch break and cost me money, not to mention the meal in my fridge at home that also cost me money, and time preparing”.
Ya see what I mean?

Here’s a couple of things I do when I want to reorganize my life:

I have several diaries, one for my daily planning, one for my gratitude and one for dates I need to remember. The daily planning is the one I focus on keeping up to date and I do my best to write everything down on either the night before or the morning. From ‘Get Petrol’ to ‘Pegasus client at 7pm’ I leave myself a reminder list in the kitchen for those mad mornings when I’m in a rush – Lunch, check. Gym bag, check.

- Clean out my car, I spend so much time in my car. So if it’s filthy or full of sandwich wrappers and bottles it really starts to stress me out after a while. So each month I try to get the car cleaned and organised.

- The wardrobe, obviously. I find it shameful sometimes how much money I’ve spent on clothes that I’ve later gone on to donate either to a friend or a charity, but nothing drives me madder than opening a wardrobe and not being able to find the outfit I want.

- Preparing my outfits and packing my gym bags the night before, I am not a morning person. Like seriously. I try to be, but I’m not – it takes real effort. So if it’s good to go I’m less likely to bail on the gym because I can’t get my sh*t together at 5am.

- Clearing out my phone…. The 500 selfies I took to get that one good shot of my new Nikes – deleted. The pictures of my friends sisters birthday cake I thought would make a good insta story, gone. Photo’s of the ex – I don’t tend to delete them completely I’ve not ever been that kind of girl (I wish I was) but I will put them on a USB for an out of sight out of mind method -  I’ve had the same phone for 2 years and never come close to running out of memory because I just don’t keep crap that’s no longer relevant to me.

As for mental clutter – look the internal pain that creates mental clutter often can’t just be resolved just like that, but you can learn to departmentalize it. One way I do this is to focus soley on the task at hand. I am writing this blog, therefore I will solely write this blog and that message from that person I’ve been waiting to hear from might be there on my phone, (it also might not be so stop checking it every 5 minutes) if it is then it’s still going to be on my phone 30 minutes from now when I’ve finished the blog – ya get me? Same goes for situations you’re trying to get a handle on, put it in a box, do what you need to get done, and then when you have a quiet moment – open the box and attempt to deal with the issue. There's no time frame on this okay - take as long as you like - you might even have to open and shut the box a few hundred times, but you will get there. I promise. 

I have to go reorganize some crap now, love you bye!

Blonde xo 


Don't Speak! I know what you're saying!

“If you want to get over a problem, stop talking about it. Your mind affects your mouth and your mouth and affects your mind.”

This statement could not be further from the truth.

I know people say speak to a someone – get it off your chest. Lately however I have started to find that the easiest way to deal with a situation is to not speak about it until I have at least started to deal with it in my head by which time I would have a more open approach to the situation. This open view allows me to see other sides of the story and allows me to approach the situation in a more mindful manner.

Now here’s the method behind my madness – 
Psychologists say a single trauma will affect you twice – once during the happening of the trauma and once again as you battle it out on replay in your head.

Now I know your mum, aunt, best friend and her cats mean well but when you take the battle in your head out onto the field, welcoming the opinions of others, their 2 pennies worth bathed in pity – it often escalates the negativity you feel around the situation and encourages you to stay in ‘Victim Mode’

See here’s the thing, I pride myself in being a very positive person and putting out as many positive vibes as I can breath to the people I meet. So when I air my dirty laundry it not only leaves me feeling exposed and vulnerable, I feel like its breathing negativity over others in my life too.

If I leave it until the situation has played out and I can see all the players in the field and their side of the story, when the subject is approached, I can handle it in a more mature & calm way.

Option One: Express Yo’self to whoever will listen

Me: “Omg, Joe Bloggs did this, this and this to me, I have been feeling so awful and I think it could lead to this”
Confident: “Wow that is really bad, Joe Bloggs is such a dick, I can’t believe he would do that to you, your poor thing! Your right, this could lead to this… and this…”
Me: “Wow I didn’t even think of those other consequences of that dick’s actions; this situation is even worse than I first imagined!!”

Option Two: Handled

Me: “Well it hasn’t been the best of times, I had a bit of a situation with someone I cared about, it didn’t work out for various reasons, but I have a handle on it and I can somewhat understand from his point of view why things played out the way they did”
Confident: “Tell me more! What did he do?”
Me: “I’d rather not, lets leave it in the past where it belongs. So, did you hear Fallout boy’s new album? Its pony isn’t it?”

Genuine feeling regarding Fallout boy’s album – but you get my jist, at no point in option two do I expose myself, the person or situation that has caused me pain and I don’t welcome pity. I change the subject to something else, and the situation is out of my mind even if only temporary.

I choose to keep myself as busy as I can when I’m going through a rough time, I’ll take on a new study (currently studying Neuro Linguistic Practioning) fill my time with work and errands and when I have a quiet moment I’ll try to get my head around it in my own time. Quite often I do most of this kind of thinking in the shower, in fact I get all my best thinking done in the shower – it’s where I came up with the content for this post!

If you do, feel like you need to speak to someone and journaling isn’t quite hitting the spot, make sure it’s with either a friend you really trust – someone with an open mind that may be able to point out the other side of the coin but isn’t going to escalate your pain – word to the wise, some people don’t actually care about your problems, they just get enjoyment out of the ‘gossip’ so be careful about who you choose to share the dutty details with or seek professional help from someone who may be able to get to the bottom of why you are reacting in the way you are to a situation opening you up to other ways of dealing with the thoughts going around your head.

Anyways, hope this has helped someone as much as it’s helped me writing this – I know these blog posts don’t go into the details of my hardships, but I am sharing the methods I am learning to deal with them.

-        -  Blonde xo 


Healing Blonde!

It amazes me everyday how fickle the human brain can be, for such intelligent creatures we often find ourselves repeating the same cycles of self-destruction.

I started working on healing Blonde around 9 months ago when I hit rock bottom, I didn’t just hit rock bottom mind, I laid there and allowed myself to be squashed by a giant ass rock that crushed the air out of me. I spent several months in remission, thought I was okay, bounced back into my usual routines and forgot about all the hard work I had put into getting me back on me feet.

Turns out I rushed the process, and I didn’t fully address all of the reasons I hit rock bottom, not only that, I allowed a couple of the reasons to remain a part of my life thinking I could manage them, only to find out later on that leopards don’t change their spots and problems don’t resolve themselves.  

One of the perks of not having the shiniest childhood in history is that I learnt to be very self aware at a very young age. This has turned out to be a massive blessing later on in life.

So at this stage, in a self aware state I can see old habits repeating, me speaking down to myself, me blaming myself for things I can’t control. I can see the possibility of rock bottom if I don’t act now, but I have time to build my barriers and get out of some of the situations causing my inner battles.

And so, we enter episode 2 of healing blonde.

Stage one – removal of the issues. This is the hardest bit, because the issues are nearly always connected to someone we have very strong feelings for, or it wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Stage two – grieving the loss of the issue. Sounds ironic doesn’t it? But it bounces back to stage one where the issue is only an issue because I care enough about it to be an issue..  So if I cared and lost, I have to grieve the loss in order to move on.

Stage three – write down all the things I think – every thought, get it out there. I’m a nightmare for not being able to keep my gob shut when I have thoughts on my mind, unfortunately at the tender age of 29 I haven’t worked out how to filter them either… and some things really are best left unsaid to others, especially in the heat of the moment. So I write them down.

Stage four – Guidance, in the form of self help books, motivation tapes, anything to get me going, get my mind looking for ways forward instead of looking back.

Stage five – Acceptance, accepting that I am a little bit crazy, I am a little bit damaged, and that IS OKAY.

Do you know how much better I feel just for writing this down? Look, we all have hardships, pasts, problems. & if we seem happy and positive across Social Media, it doesn’t mean that we don’t struggle the same as everyone else. There isn’t a single critic that could attack me with words I haven’t already thought about myself at some stage. I may come across confident, but I suffer the exact same insecurities as everyone else, I just don’t always go public about them because sometimes admitting things like this makes me feel more vulnerable to the feelings connecting.

What was the point of this blog post?
Oh yeah so at the beginning of January I said I didn’t have a plan, well now I do. 2018 is going to be the year I become my own best friend, the year I feel confident enough to take myself out on solo dates, just me myself and my cheeky Nandos (inspired by my best friend Melly). 2018 is going to be the year I work my hardest, on myself, MENTALLY first but also physically and the year I work hardest on building MY EMPIRE.

Blonde, welcome to independence year! 


Starting, Over and Over Again - Leo Babauta

There’s a hope that when we start creating a new habit that we’ll master it and never have to worry about it again, or when we start a new project that it’ll go perfectly.
Unfortunately, life never goes according to our plans. We travel, and eating and exercise habits go out the door. We get sick, and our meditation habit falls off. We have visitors, and our writing project falls into a deep abyss.
I know from my own experience, and coaching thousands of others, that habits and projects are a messy affair. We get good at building and maintaining 5-6 habits, or we get off to an amazing start with a new project, and then everything falls apart when our lives get disrupted. And this becomes a huge problem — we get discouraged!
But what if the disruption and falling off isn’t the problem? What if the problem is our hope that we’ll never have to get disrupted, that things will always go perfectly?
This hope is, of course, greatly misguided. Things don’t ever go smoothly, progress is never linear, and we’ll always get disrupted. It would be best to give up that hope, and instead deal with the reality of our lives.
What we need to do is get good at starting, then starting again. And again. This is an incredible skill that becomes a superpower, when everyone else is wringing their hands about how much they suck at life, how difficult things are, how everything has fallen apart. Instead, we just focus on starting again, and let go of all the stress.
The Skill of Starting
The first skill, of course, is starting in the first place. Lots of people never do this, procrastinating, saying they’ll start tomorrow (I’m not judging, this is very human). So just starting at all is an incredible step.
The skill isn’t that hard, and with practice you can get good at starting:
1.       Take the tiniest step to get started. Any movement at all.
2.       Commit yourself to continuing that tiny step every day. Get accountability if you need it, and set up reminders so you don’t forget.
3.       Keep taking tiny steps, creating a good feeling about this endeavor and about yourself. This good feeling is a powerful thing.
When you notice yourself pushing it off, delaying the start, rationalizing why you can start “in a few minutes” … shake that off. Just take the first step. After that step, the other steps are a lot easier.
The Super Skill of Starting Again
OK, great, but what about when you get disrupted? Not a problem.
Most of us have a process, when we get disrupted, that looks like this: we mess up, we curse ourselves, we feel bad about it, we stress out about why our lives are a mess or we are so horrible at this, and then we let all of that stop us from continuing. Or some version of those elements.
But that’s a harmful method. Instead, if we could learn a less stressful, more helpful method, it could change everything. All of a sudden, falling off a habit or a project would be no problem at all.
Here’s the method I recommend:
1.       When you get disrupted, notice this and notice any tendency to be harsh with yourself about it, or resentful towards life or other people about the disruption.
2.       Shake off that feeling and instead, tell yourself that life is an uncontrollable river and you just have to flow with it. Instead of wishing the river were a set path, perfectly controlled and manicured, accept that things are constantly changing, never according to plan, and that you just need to adapt to the present circumstance.
3.       Shrugging off any past mistakes, focus on starting again. Just like before, focus on taking the tiniest step.
4.       If there’s any learning to take from the previous attempt, adjust your method to account for whatever obstacles you faced. Sometimes it’s just a random life event (a family crisis or a loved one died), so there’s no learning to be had — you just have to start again. Other times, there was an obstacle in the way that you can adjust for — mornings are too chaotic for writing your novel, perhaps, so you have to either wake earlier or find a better time. Maybe you need an accountability partner. Maybe you need better reminders so you don’t forget. There’s always a solution to the common obstacles we face, and someone has figured it out, so do a little research! And then adjust your method, so you are constantly getting better.
It’s that simple. Shrug off the disruption, flow with the changing circumstances, and simply start again. Adjust yourself if needed, but don’t stress out about having to start again.

Life is a constant stream of disruptions, changes, broken plans and rain delays. Every day, we’re just starting again. Every moment is simply a new start. That can be a source of frustration, or delight.


Why I Don't Compete...

Second most asked question on Instagram “Do I Compete?”

I do not… and in this post I am going to tell you why, I, personally choose not to compete in Bikini competitions.

First of all though I would like to mention that I have several friends that have competed and watching the process, the work they put into these competitions I have the upmost respect for what they do and in this post I mean no disrespect to the sport or anyone on takes part in it. These are my views and my personal reasons for not competing.

I like food…. I love a good shred season, getting prepped for a photoshoot, but I’ve been in love with the nutrition world for so long now that I can be creative with my meals and hit macros’ almost spot on WHILST allowing myself a few cheeky nibbles of something a little less healthy at the weekends or on a night out with friends. To compete, and win – your diet has to be 100% spot on, following a very specific diet plan – total focus at all time –

This then leads to my next reason, excessively low fat diets can create excessive hormone imbalances. Women who compete are known to lose their periods and even have problems conceiving for up to a year after competing. I do not need anything messing with my hormones, yo girl is crazy enough thank you!

It consumes your life – I don’t know a single woman who’s competed, that hasn’t become the centre of her own universe during the prep process. Skipping out on big family functions because she can’t eat this, she can’t do that because it interferes with her training programme. “No conversations that don’t involve prep please!!!” – I am a firm believer in self-love, but I only have so much time for it. I have a business to run, a full-time job to do, people to coach, friends and family to enjoy. I’d prefer to keep those things than neglect them by spending 16 weeks in a self-centred state preparing to fanny around on stage for one day…. No offence.

It’s expensive - Coach: £300-£500, Fake tans £50, Bikini £150, Clear Stilleto heels £80-£100, Posing clinics - £90, Pro Make up £40, Hair £125, Costume Jewellery £25, Mani/Pedi £50, Waxing £80, Registration/Membership Fee’s (wild guess £200) Photography £300 – I’m not even going to go into supplement costs, food because HOLY SHITBALLS – DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PAIRS OF LULULEMONS I CAN GET FOR ALL THAT!!!

& My final reason, and the most personal…. I don’t believe in competing with other women. In any area of my life. That my darling is not how I am mentally built. I train, because I love my body. I train for me. I am not prepared to spend however long it takes – busting my little tush in the gym and being told what to eat to then stand on stage and be ‘judged’ against other women that have worked equally as hard.
So, I’ll train, eat, and take my clothes off on my terms for my goals and competing, is not one of them.
As I mentioned at the beginning – these are my reasons for not competing. Girl if you want to compete – GO FOR IT! 

If your one of my girls or on my social media I will even cheer you on, each to their own. I still find the process incredibly fascinating to watch - It’s just not for me.

Hell if I had a penny for every time someone told me the way I do things isn’t for them – I’d be one rich lady!!!

Anyways, I hope that answers your question, and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. It’s taken me a long time to address the question for these very reasons. 

- Blonde xo


PEScience Snickerdoodle Protein Cookies

Y’all know your blonde loves her some snickerdoodle cookies.
Y’all know your blonde loves her some PEScience protein….
So you damn straight she’s gonna be loving her some snickerdoodle protein cookies!!!

Here’s how you do, darling!

45g Oat flour
2 tbsp. coconut flour
0.5 scoop PEScience select protein – snickerdoodle flavaaaa
1 large organic egg
1 tsp pure vanilla essence
0.5tsp baking powder
Dash of water (just to force the dough out of the mix)

Check this out, it’s stupid easy:

Preheat the oven to 180 degree’s (UK Fan oven)
In a large mixing bowl combine all of the dry ingredients, then add in the wet – give it a really good mix, like really get your hands in there – this is no time for being a wimp about getting your hands dirty (but make sure they are clean first yeah…)
Ok now on a greased baking sheet you want to do about 6 spoonfuls of dough – spread out a bit so they have room to grow
Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg on the top if you fancy it and bang them in the oven!
10-14 minutes and your good to go go, maybe let them cool down on a wired rack to avoid a scolded tongue!

Macros per cookie (without optional sugar/cinnamon coating):

61 calories, 6g carbs, 4g protein, 2g fat