Blonde Vs 2018

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens”

Hello my little rays of sunshine! Thanks for tuning in for another random rambles of Blondieeeeee!!!

So we’re now 3 days into 2018 and I realised I hadn’t done a ‘This is my 2018 plan’ post.
Truth is, I kind of went into this year without having one. I have goals, but no timeline ‘plan’. See in 2017 I spent so much time planning everything I would put myself under incredible amounts of stress every time a plot twist occurred that caused me to divert from one goal to another.
So rather than planning so far ahead and ramming my life full of so many goals that I felt overwhelmed and likely to rebel -  I decided to have an overall idea of what I’d like to do this year but no specific deadlines in place. I’ve taken to mental planning a week in advance -then daily planning every single day what goals I have for that day.

I have 3 diaries…. Ironic for a girl who didn’t want to be so planned but there you go….

1, I am using to record special dates I need to remember. 2, I am using to record my daily gratitude’s/ daily intentions and the 3rd is to plan my day - What I need to do, food plan, expenses, exercise.
January is just getting back on the band wagon for me, getting back into blogging, back into a work routine, back into a training routine and my greatest challenge for January is to sink my teeth into fitness coaching at Pegasus gym Monday – Wednesday evenings. 

For someone who appears fairly confident on social media, I am actually pretty shy in person. I work best one to one, so me working with a group of people in a fitness class setting is new to me and much outside of my personal comfort zone. I am going to make mistakes, choke a little when talk, trip myself up and fall on my arse – but I will learn from every slip up and I will gain confidence on the job.

That’s what you’ve got to do sometimes – no one is a pro when they first get started, you DON’T have to be the most educated or experienced to get started – you just have to be brave.

So I guess you could say, the overall ‘plans’ for 2018 are to balance ‘planning’ with living.
To be organised and on the ball, but expecting and being prepared to adapt to the inevitable road blocks and diversions coming my way.

So here’s to 2018 – making progress in all of our fields of interest and also letting life surprise us a little!

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