Clutter Be Gone!

Do you know what really makes me tick? HAVING MY SHIT TOGETHER IN THE MOST ORGANISED WAY EVER!

Seriously, I am like an OCD’s dream, I don’t have OCD but I do get a rush from cleaning out my closet, and I find it to be one of the most therapeutic tasks there is!

When I let go of the rubbish I’ve been hoarding, sparkle up the wheels on my motor it makes me sparkle from the inside out. There’s a phycologic reason for this: Mental clutter creates a ‘brain dance’ that fogs your mind from being able to think clearly amidst all the crap floating around in there. When you look at that overwhelming over-spilling wardrobe of STUFF you have never worn, forgot you bought or meant to return - your brain goes into the same brain dance. 

In my opinion being disorganized is a waste of time and the fall out of being disorganized often costs us more money and time when dealing with the consequence of being disorganized.
“I woke up late, ran out of the door and forgot my lunch because I was too busy trying to find the keys I left in the pocket of the jacket at the bottom of my overfilled wardrobe. Because I forgot my lunch I then had to go out and buy food, this took time out of my lunch break and cost me money, not to mention the meal in my fridge at home that also cost me money, and time preparing”.
Ya see what I mean?

Here’s a couple of things I do when I want to reorganize my life:

I have several diaries, one for my daily planning, one for my gratitude and one for dates I need to remember. The daily planning is the one I focus on keeping up to date and I do my best to write everything down on either the night before or the morning. From ‘Get Petrol’ to ‘Pegasus client at 7pm’ I leave myself a reminder list in the kitchen for those mad mornings when I’m in a rush – Lunch, check. Gym bag, check.

- Clean out my car, I spend so much time in my car. So if it’s filthy or full of sandwich wrappers and bottles it really starts to stress me out after a while. So each month I try to get the car cleaned and organised.

- The wardrobe, obviously. I find it shameful sometimes how much money I’ve spent on clothes that I’ve later gone on to donate either to a friend or a charity, but nothing drives me madder than opening a wardrobe and not being able to find the outfit I want.

- Preparing my outfits and packing my gym bags the night before, I am not a morning person. Like seriously. I try to be, but I’m not – it takes real effort. So if it’s good to go I’m less likely to bail on the gym because I can’t get my sh*t together at 5am.

- Clearing out my phone…. The 500 selfies I took to get that one good shot of my new Nikes – deleted. The pictures of my friends sisters birthday cake I thought would make a good insta story, gone. Photo’s of the ex – I don’t tend to delete them completely I’ve not ever been that kind of girl (I wish I was) but I will put them on a USB for an out of sight out of mind method -  I’ve had the same phone for 2 years and never come close to running out of memory because I just don’t keep crap that’s no longer relevant to me.

As for mental clutter – look the internal pain that creates mental clutter often can’t just be resolved just like that, but you can learn to departmentalize it. One way I do this is to focus soley on the task at hand. I am writing this blog, therefore I will solely write this blog and that message from that person I’ve been waiting to hear from might be there on my phone, (it also might not be so stop checking it every 5 minutes) if it is then it’s still going to be on my phone 30 minutes from now when I’ve finished the blog – ya get me? Same goes for situations you’re trying to get a handle on, put it in a box, do what you need to get done, and then when you have a quiet moment – open the box and attempt to deal with the issue. There's no time frame on this okay - take as long as you like - you might even have to open and shut the box a few hundred times, but you will get there. I promise. 

I have to go reorganize some crap now, love you bye!

Blonde xo 

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