January Reflections!

I’m going to be real with you – January wasn’t quite as easy for me as I had imagined….

What went well?

Pegasus, Pegasus & Pegasus – I learnt more about coaching and working with people in one month than I ever could have imagined. I’ve worked day and night most days of the week and literally loved every second of it.

What was challenging?

Getting into new routines, I did knock myself out of my fitness routine through January because I was trying to fit too much into one day, knowing I could get back on the wagon at any point meant I let that become less of a priority – something I will fix in February because – yo girls gotta make progress too.

What did I learn this month?

Well, I love too deeply, naively, and I’m still at 29 years old utterly useless at protecting my heart. This ‘flaw’ if you will, causes me huge amounts of heartache when something doesn’t work out how I had hoped it would. I need to get better at loving me more, so I accept less heartache from others.

What surprised me this month?

In December I was petrified of starting up at Pegasus, I thought the existing members may not accept me, that I’d struggle putting to fit in because in person I’m not the loudest human – so when coaching my classes and personal training became the one thing that would shut my mind off to everything else in the world and Pegasus felt like home after a week – that was a nice surprise.

Is there anything left over from this month you’d benefit from making peace with?

Myself… I’m way too hard on myself. I spent a good chunk of the month looking at my failures and forgetting my successes. So I’m going to go into in February making peace with myself and anything I didn’t quite manage in January.

Check in tomorrow to see my February Ideas!

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