“Actually, I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again, so I changed”

Insecurities, fears, envy, despair, frustration, shame, guilt, grief…

What if we woke up one morning and just decided we didn’t want to feel those things anymore?
In my life that is exactly what happened I just shut off EVERYTHING negative in my life & with a single mind FOCUSED on my success’ and my goals and the little things that make me excited to live my life. Because I CHOSE TO. I know I know, I thought it was a fluke at first too and then I woke up the next day and the next and I still feel the exact same way – FREE.

It was an ACTIVE DECISION to turn it all off and I did it out of self-respect.

We all make mistakes, we must learn to LET THEM GO and if someone hurts you – LET THEM GO TOO! And don’t be doing it with a negative spin, making a huge dramatic scene everyone is going to witness. Do it silently with grace. Walk away with your head held high in the knowledge YOU CONTROL who impacts your emotions – YOU!!

If you see said person at an event, there is no need to be rude. Smile cutely, say hello politely and then excuse yourself from the conversation. It really is that simple. What we are doing here is removing that person from our hearts and ‘acquaintance zoning’ them – again, this is a conscious CHOICE.


Don’t like your job? Find another one.
Don’t want to be associated with that person? Add distance.
Don’t want to macro track? Eat mindfully and intuitively.
Don’t want to compete just because all your friends are? Don’t do it.
Don’t want to keep repeating the same arguments over and over with someone? Show them the door. If they aint getting it after 3 arguments darlin, they aren’t going to get it at all because they are making an Active Decision to not understand where you are coming from. So make an Active Decision to no longer give that person any more of your time or emotional energy. That person, the one you ‘think’ you can’t live without – you were doing just fine before they came on the scene and if they are emotionally draining you, I can promise you will do better than fine without them on the scene.

I know this all sounds kinda cut throat, I’m not telling you to stop caring about everyone who’s ever given you jip, but simplify your life down but cutting some emotional or fear ties when people repeatedly cause you pain, shame or lack of confidence.

I promise you, if you make the decision, act on it with grace and focus on the things that really are important to you – you will feel such an incredible sense of power and control over your own life. This new-found power and strength is enough to boost your confidence in conquering the next fear!

We were born with minds of our own for a reason.

Make today the day you discover your own mind, make some decisions and RUN YOUR LIFE. 

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