Why I Don't Compete...

Second most asked question on Instagram “Do I Compete?”

I do not… and in this post I am going to tell you why, I, personally choose not to compete in Bikini competitions.

First of all though I would like to mention that I have several friends that have competed and watching the process, the work they put into these competitions I have the upmost respect for what they do and in this post I mean no disrespect to the sport or anyone on takes part in it. These are my views and my personal reasons for not competing.

I like food…. I love a good shred season, getting prepped for a photoshoot, but I’ve been in love with the nutrition world for so long now that I can be creative with my meals and hit macros’ almost spot on WHILST allowing myself a few cheeky nibbles of something a little less healthy at the weekends or on a night out with friends. To compete, and win – your diet has to be 100% spot on, following a very specific diet plan – total focus at all time –

This then leads to my next reason, excessively low fat diets can create excessive hormone imbalances. Women who compete are known to lose their periods and even have problems conceiving for up to a year after competing. I do not need anything messing with my hormones, yo girl is crazy enough thank you!

It consumes your life – I don’t know a single woman who’s competed, that hasn’t become the centre of her own universe during the prep process. Skipping out on big family functions because she can’t eat this, she can’t do that because it interferes with her training programme. “No conversations that don’t involve prep please!!!” – I am a firm believer in self-love, but I only have so much time for it. I have a business to run, a full-time job to do, people to coach, friends and family to enjoy. I’d prefer to keep those things than neglect them by spending 16 weeks in a self-centred state preparing to fanny around on stage for one day…. No offence.

It’s expensive - Coach: £300-£500, Fake tans £50, Bikini £150, Clear Stilleto heels £80-£100, Posing clinics - £90, Pro Make up £40, Hair £125, Costume Jewellery £25, Mani/Pedi £50, Waxing £80, Registration/Membership Fee’s (wild guess £200) Photography £300 – I’m not even going to go into supplement costs, food because HOLY SHITBALLS – DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PAIRS OF LULULEMONS I CAN GET FOR ALL THAT!!!

& My final reason, and the most personal…. I don’t believe in competing with other women. In any area of my life. That my darling is not how I am mentally built. I train, because I love my body. I train for me. I am not prepared to spend however long it takes – busting my little tush in the gym and being told what to eat to then stand on stage and be ‘judged’ against other women that have worked equally as hard.
So, I’ll train, eat, and take my clothes off on my terms for my goals and competing, is not one of them.
As I mentioned at the beginning – these are my reasons for not competing. Girl if you want to compete – GO FOR IT! 

If your one of my girls or on my social media I will even cheer you on, each to their own. I still find the process incredibly fascinating to watch - It’s just not for me.

Hell if I had a penny for every time someone told me the way I do things isn’t for them – I’d be one rich lady!!!

Anyways, I hope that answers your question, and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. It’s taken me a long time to address the question for these very reasons. 

- Blonde xo

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