Hello February!

Why howdy February! Nice to meet ya!

Yesterday I closed off January with my reflections for the month and today, it’s time to look forward!

What qualities am I committed to embodying in February?

Well, I’d like to be a lil more in love with my badass little self. I’d like to be my own best friend and not my worst enemy. I’d like to handle the hard times I face with a little more grace and calm. So self-love, self-compassion and grace.

What is one thing I avoided or ignored or took a backseat in January that I’m going to face head on this month?

Making time for my own fitness journey, January was all about my career and helping others. This month I’d really like to make more time to make sure I am getting in all my workouts and working towards my goals.

What is one thing I can do that will leave me feeling proud at the end of the month?

Making sure I get 5 full workouts a week in and completed on top of coaching, working full time and building my online coaching business.

How do I want to feel this month?
Powerful, strong and in control of my own life.

What can I do to generate those feelings?

Believe in myself and getting shit done, regardless of what road blocks pop up. 

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