I am no different than you - Paige Hathaway

"I am no different than you..
I wake up everyday and put my pants on one leg at a time just like you. I am not super human.. I am just like you and you are just like me.. No better or no worse. So if I can reach my dreams and overcome fears, then so can you.
You must realize that you’re the pilot, and you can take charge of your dreams and fly to places you’ve never been. The path might not be easy to navigate, (it definitely wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine for me) Huge mountains will stand in your way, obstacles you’ll need to overcome and to be honest, sometimes it’s just gonna be plain hard. There will be times you’re gonna wanna quit but if it were that easy, you’d see everyone already at the top. So don’t turn around. Don’t give up. You’re alive for a purpose, don’t take it for granted. Anyone and everyone’s dreams can come true if you try and if failure occurs.. that just means you’re on the right track. Persevere because the moment you’re about to abandon your dreams... your breakthrough just might be about to happen"

- Paige Hathaway

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