Social Share - Kara Corey!

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of the Instagram, and the fitness youtubes! Everyone I follow on social media inspires me and helps keep me motivated, but there are just some posts that just LEAP out at me and have me screaming YASSSS in my seat. So I’m gonna do better at sharing them with you – because if you haven’t followed these people, I think you’re missing out, and I’m a good person, I don’t want you missing out!

Ok, so starting with this lovely lady - @karacoreyfitlife (https://www.instagram.com/karacoreyfitlife/)

“Focusing on what makes me feel happy + fullfilled this year is just what I needed 😎. There's so much I want to improve on this year and am so dedicated to doing so as I continue to work on self-development and an appreciation for myself, without worrying about the validation from social media (not that I don't love you all) but it's too much to worry about what's trendy, what's relevant, who's liking photos or videos, commenting or not commenting, should u be tracking or intuitively eating, do I need to be lean or thick to fit in {can anyone relate to these thoughts?} I know I have thought these things at some point or another tbh, but I say who cares about all that! I put myself out there because I hope that someone who feels the same way as me can feel like they relate, not feel so alone, feel inspired, empowered, so obviously I won't lie and say I don't want to be somewhat relevant because helping others is my passion🔥

BUT I refuse to try to keep up with these crazy social media trends + movements, and what others are doing or saying to get ahead, and I'm going to continue to just keep being me on my own timeline with my blinders up a bit more.

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