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So right now it’s just past noon on Sunday as I write this and guys I have to tell you – I am feeling – AMAZING - !
The end part of last week I spent working from home due to the snow (I am not about driving in dangerous conditions) which I think in a way gave me a bit of a head start to my weekend, just purely because it gave me an extra 3 hours of my own time back that I usually spend commuting in the day.
I took the weekend away from training, resting up my body because I am ‘planning’ and hoping to do a 5 day streak on my training. Also this week is the launch of the new Transformerz program, so if you’ve been following me this year you’ll know I have been assisting Steve at Pegasus run Transformerz, it’s a weight loss program that includes a meal plan, two gym classes with us coaching a week, weigh ins, group days out. Well after a really successful January and February we decided to open some more spots to the public to join the team, and then split the teams into two, I will be running mine 7-8pm on Mondays and Wednesday’s, Steve’s classes will run 8-9pm and we’ll be doing all group events together. So my first proper solo class is tomorrow and I’m really excited about that. Or today… cuz you will be reading this on Monday haha!
So I’ve literally spent 80% of this weekend pulling out everything I own and reorganising it, food prepping, cleaning and just general life admin setting me up for the week ahead!
The other 20% I spent with some of my nearest and dearest, went out to see a show, did a little shopping.
I can hand on my heart say this weekend was the first weekend in 2018 where I have felt truly, 100% myself, full of love and ambition and excitement for life and everything in it! No drama’s no confusion, no sadness, just heart and hustle baby!
So, on that note I am gonna sign off by wishing you all an incredible start to your week – I hope you are all feeling amazing, content in yourselves and putting those small steps that are going to make huge changes in your life!
Much love and a tonn more positive vibes, Blondie xox

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