Getting out of a mental rut!

Okay in this next post I am going to go over some different ways you can ‘pull yourself out of a rut’ – by this I mean, when you are living the same day in and out and you’re not really making progress or your spending too much time procrastinating, or you’ve just been down and out due to a series of unfortunate events. These methods are all baby steps you can take to building yourself back up and into the person you want to become:
Mental Makeover:
How you feel about the world and yourself – I think 80% of the judgements we pass on the people in our lives are based on insecurities we have inside ourselves. When we are truly happy in ourselves, we don’t need to be passing judgement on others, we just focus on continuing the feel-good vibes we’re enjoying. So, when your going through a spate of everything everyone else is doing annoying you – take a good look at why that may be. Then take all of your focus away from what everyone else is doing and focus solely on yourself. Comparison is a habit nearly all of us have, especially in the social media business. When you remove the comparison, focus on what you are doing – you can really add some unique value to your personal brand that will leave you feeling so proud and so preoccupied you don’t have the time to sit there comparing, passing judgement or seeing the world in anything other than the beautiful no end of opportunities it is.  
Hobbies – getting out of your mind for a while – As you know, Gym is my bae, my go to, my happy place. 99.9% of the time I am in the gym I don’t think about anything other than what I am doing in the gym, with the exception of giving a friend a sweaty hug or complimenting another ladies’ leggings, or backside (Megs). Find your happy place, or happy zone. Something that can take you out of your head for a little bit. This could be reading, it could be art, it could be gardening.
Physical Makeover:
If I am feeling at a loss one of the things I like to do is revamp my wardrobe – or my accessories – or my make-up. With Depop, Spock, Ebay, charity stores this doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive task. I also like to freshen up with a good pamper session, face mask, nails. Again this doesn’t have to be too expensive – I invest in decent nail polishes and do my own manicures to save me having to pay someone else to do my nails most of the time, create face masks out of banana honey and oats. There are tonns of DIY beauty tips on the interweb – get exploring them!
A good atmosphere around you can really set the tone for your happiness. I’m minimalistic in my atmosphere, everything has its place and I hate clutter. Teals, turquoises and white décor really brings me a cleansed relaxed positive vibe. These vibes me happy. So when I’m feeling a little down in the dumps I like to have a huge clean up – pull everything out, donate items I don’t have a whole bunch of use for, reorganise everything clutter free and if I have the funds available then I’ll maybe invest in a few new items to freshen up the room, new bedsheets, candles, etc.

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