Let them walk!!!!

I once knew a girl who would cling on to everyone who walked into her life, she would cling with everything she had despite how badly that person would treat her. This girl had fears of abandonment, she had fears of being alone, and she had fears of not being good enough. 
If someone wanted to walk away from her, she would blame herself, think it was her issue that person didn’t have what it takes to stay in her world.  

I don’t know that girl anymore. I let her walk.

If someone is hurting you, disrespecting you, being disloyal to you –  and that person threatens to walk away from you?


Trust me when I say you will find a whole other level of freedom when you do. 

T.D Jakes says it better: 

**This post is not based on current events or anyone CURRENTLY in my life. You aint going anywhere ;0) 

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