Social Media Rant - Sorry Not Sorry -

This next post I’ve really fought in my head about writing – but I think it needs to be said.
Recently I have had to start unfollowing certain people on social media because their vibes are just really really, pissing me off.
If you are a fitness or nutrition professional – what on earth makes you think that you have ANY right to use your social media platform to mock ANYONE for having their opinions or idea’s relating to the subject?
I qualified with legit credentials in both personal training and nutrition – I still do not believe I know everything regarding either subject. My mind is very much open to learning new methods and ways of doing things, I am never going to stand there and be like, “what you are doing is utter bullshit, I know best, therefore I am going to call you out on my Instagram story or my twitter page”
Nope, what I would do is discreetly drop that person a little message and ask them where they learnt this method, how they are personally doing with it under the presumption they practise what they preach and if I believe it’s something that could cause them harm, I would tell them, offering them an alternative solution to their goal - person to person.
You don’t need to publicly humiliate people to make yourself or your opinions known and quite frankly, it makes you look bitter, angry and unprofessional.
Social media is there to influence others, not make them feel bad – there are means and ways of getting your point heard without doing it distastefully and if you can’t do that, maybe you should take a hard look at whether ‘helping others’ is really the career path that is meant for you.

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