10 Things About Me!

1 – I like donuts, I feel like this is a very important fact about me, because it’s the easiest ice breaker should you ever want to talk to me – Donuts are life, Peanut butter donuts are heaven. If you turn up to the conversation with the donut’s in your hands – you will have a friend for life.

2 – I am as crazy in person as I am on social media… especially if I’m comfortable around you, in fact for those closest to me, it’s when I’m not being a whack job at 100 miles an hour they know somethings up!
3 – It offends me when someone assumes I am unapproachable. I can be a bit shy if I don’t know you, but I’m always approachable. Even in the gym - If I’m in the middle of a set… maybe wait until I’m not squishing my face like a constipated monkey but always feel free to come over and say hello.

4 – I’ve met some incredible people through social media, 2 of my closest girly friendships originate from Instagram – never underestimate the power of complimenting and supporting another woman with a few kind words!

5 – My favourite animal is a killer whale. I would LOVE to go kayaking with killer whales. I know I’d shit myself at least 10 times in the process, but it would sooo worth it!!!

6 – I only learnt to crack an egg in 2017 without breaking the yolk. One of the best things I learnt in 2017 – I’m very proud of it.

7 – I don’t understand fashion, not even in the slightest. Like Jennifer Aniston my personal style hasn’t changed in about 10 years. In fact the only fashion show I’ll watch every year is the Victoria Secrets – because a girl can never own enough sassy bra’s to go under her basic h&m tank top!

8 – Talking of bra’s/boobies, a question I still get asked on the daily – Yes, Implants. Got them in 2015, before that I was flat as a pancake, like 2 delicate fried eggs.

9 – I don’t bikini compete. Or compete with other women at all. I understand I’m not everyone’s favourite flavour of ice cream and I’m good with that. Saying that, I have the upmost respect for those who do bikini compete, or body build, I think you some badass bishes and I respect the work you put in every day, the process fascinates me and in ways it inspires me too.

10 – I’d like to see the fitness world being a little less judgey on stuff like that… a lot of companies won’t consider sponsoring someone unless they are of an ‘Athlete’ status. I think that’s unfair. Fitness is about community, bringing together people of all shapes and sizes, of all sports and helping each other to be the best that they can be, mentally and physically. Recruiting new people by inspiring them, helping them – not trying to be better than them. So I’d like to see more brands reach out to more people that are actively helping others in the fitness community, rather than focusing on people under a specific label such as ‘Athlete’ or Bikini Competitor.

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