April Rambles! Where I'm At!

Hello Hello!!! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had chance to sit down and blog, and just do a random, where am I at in my life right now….

Once again a few things took a U-turn… I’m coming to expect it these days and as always… life’s gone and done that getting busy on me thing again….
Truth is, isn’t just the blog that’s suffered this last month, I had to take a step back on a lot of my social media and just focus on life in it's present being…

So what’s new….

I’m no longer working with Pegasus Gym…. I won’t go into the details… there’s no need. Let’s just say, changes were made that no longer financially suited me. I have limited spare time outside my day job and I need to invest it in other projects right now.

I am however now a fully-fledged ambassador of Time 4 Nutrition which I am sooo excited about because I GENUINELY adore their protein and pre workouts, they are an incredible company I get on so well with their sales team and the main man Paul is incredible too so it was a really nice mutual fit and I’m really proud to be representing such a great, honest and respected UK Based supplement company. For years now, I’ve been importing my supplements and protein in from the states so this has been huge breath of fresh air for me… and like I said – their stuff is lush. 
Honestly, don’t even take my word for it, go try it for yourself. 

Keep an eye on my page for new product launches, reviews and competitions. Let yo blonde hook you up!

My personal fitness focus has been off the chain!!! I’m one sleeping bag away from living in the gym at the moment. Not gonna lie, 2018 I was wondering if I was going to find that side of me again, alas – she is back, in full force.

Have struggled a little over the last few months with my eating habits. I’ve been really open about my issues with sugar addictions and binge eating – I’m still struggling with both accounts from time to time but for the most part it’s under control. I did a spell of intuitive eating which I think really helped me in terms of taking the pressure off, then when I started heavily training again I went back to macro tracking.

I’m focused on dropping a little body fat whilst maintaining strength and energy, so most of my macros are assigned to whole nutrient dense foods, but you know, I make room for the odd bowl of beloved granola and Reese’s chocolate.

Again, like I mentioned above its not been perfect, and I’ve had a few ‘bad’ days where I’ve delved into the loafs of bread, Easter eggs and gone a bit too far with the hot cross buns. All in all, I’m doing pretty good.

My goal over the rest of this month is to keep doing exactly what I’m doing… but with a little more blogging and social media because I have been quieter than normal but I just needed my head in one place for a little while and that was solely on me rather than what content I could bring to you… sorry, needs must sometimes!

Anyways, that’s where I’m at, where I’ve been at, the good, the indifferent because none of its really been bad, I’m in a good place.

Much love to everyone who reads this blog, you support is always greatly appreciated!
Blonde xox

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