20 Life Rules By Emily Frisella

20 Tips for life 
1) Stop looking for someone to blame 
2) Do the work, don't worry about the credit 
3) Own a dog/cat...or 3. And love it like crazy
4) Treat others the way you want to be treated
5) Don't text, write a love note 
6) Smile while you still have teeth 
7) Promote positivity 
8) Be a partner, not a backpack 
9) Learn something new everyday 
10) Move your body, push yourself
11) Eat healthy 80% of the time 
12) If it's "everyone", then it's you 
13) Always do more than the minimum 
14) Tell your spouse what they mean to you
15) Don't waste what others seek 
16) Skinnier isn't happier 
17) Stand for something
18) Have morals & manners
19) Find a way to do what you love 
20) Believe people when they show you who they are

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