Blondes Boobs! The Full Story!

Good morning my little loves, thanks for tuning in for another episode of blondies rambles… today I’d thought I talk about about a well asked after topic… my boobs.

If you’re new to my blog, or my social media, and haven’t worked it out for yourself, I will openly confirm they are indeed cosmetically enhanced baps that I have proudly owned since June 2015. (Happy nearly birthday boobstacles!)

Why did I do it?
Mama blessed me with many a curves, unfortunately natural breasts were not one of them. I’m not sure how but I ended up being the only female in my family that popped out flat as a pancake and remained it. At the tender age of 26, under the acceptance that these pancakes weren’t going to expand on their own accord and there was no exercise to make them bigger (sorry ladies) I took matters into my own hands and started researching implants.

Where did I go?
At the time there was a local prestige cosmetic enhancement surgery named Aurora clinics, these guys have now rebranded as The Private Clinic and work from Harley street, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Leeds.

I booked a visit with Mr Adrian Richards who is one of the UK’s top breast surgery specialists for a consultation. More about Adrian Click Here!

Adrian is a very matter of fact kind of chap, we discussed implants, my reasoning, my career, my fitness levels, before discussing the different types of implants available to me. High profile (pointing outwards more fake looking implants), low profile (a flatter looking implant for people with more natural breast tissue), medium profile (a nice balance between the two, quite a natural looking implant). Within 10 minutes of meeting Adrian I knew I had made the right decision, his confidence just filled me with reassurance. We discussed pricing and I booked my surgery that day.

Around 3 weeks before surgery I went in for my sizing appointment, I got to put on a bra that was 3 times too big for me and play with different sizes of Nagor implants. Ultimately Adrian narrowed it down to 2 sizes of implant, 270cc and 290cc, any bigger and he wouldn’t have been happy completing the surgery as the implants would be too out of proportion with my body. I’m only small now and I was even smaller back then. We also made the decision to go over the muscle, for a quicker recovery and less chances of complications as my body changes in the gym and we picked moderate profile implants.
The completed profile was: 270cc, Medium Profile, Nagor Saline filled implants.

Around 2 weeks before surgery I had my pre op, which is some swabs taken from the nose, groin and armpit, this is to check my bacteria doesn’t contain any MRSA. Then before I knew it surgery day had arrived.
On the 9th June 2015 I headed to the private clinic area of High Wycombe Hospital (Aurora/Private clinics no longer perform surgeries here I am told).
I was booked into a room, assigned a nurse, given my surgery outfit (a rather dashing apron looking thing) and some even sexier compression stockings. Adrian had one client in before me, so I just had to be weighed and I could chill out for an hour until the table was ready for me. If I’m honest I wasn’t scared, I didn’t over think it right up until they started taking me through to be knocked out with general anaesthetic. I saw the needles, started freaking out a little and then I was gone.
About 90 minutes later I would wake up to a nurse rushing over to me with a cup of water and a straw. (I hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink from about midnight on the 8th.)  And that was literally it, I looked down and there were boobies all wrapped up, but still – boobies!
It took me around 30 minutes to fully come around enough to text my nearest and dearest to tell them I was okay, and with breasts. I had my first meal about an hour after getting back to my room and putting on my ultra-sexy compression socks and then it was just chill and sleep for the rest of the day, nurses checking in every so often. The next morning Adrian came to check on me, and then I was checked out to be picked up and taken home.

The first 2 weeks – you have to wear this hideous bra 24/7, my best friend had to come over to wash my hair, I couldn’t lift anything and had to be waited on, which I’m not gonna lie I kind of enjoyed. The pain wasn’t too bad, it’s more of an annoying dull pain, I had codeine and didn’t need to take it but I wasn’t comfortable either – that kind of pain. The only complication I had, was due to the anaesthetic I suffered with some next level constipation, the kind that makes you scream GET IT OUT OF ME! Anyways, nothing a little over the counter medication couldn’t solve.
Then after 2 weeks there is a nurse appointment, they checked the healing status of the stitching, clean and put new stitch taping over it. This appointment is the first time you ever see your new baps, it’s very exciting. To add to the excitement, you’re told you are allowed to take the support bra off for one hour a day and take a shower. Clean the stiches with some special serum they give you and replace the tape. This is the most you can do for the next 4 weeks.

All in all, it’s a very boring 6 weeks of recovery full of high neck tops to hide the not so flattering surgery bra.. and then you have a final consultation.
This is the one where they tell you that you’re good to go back to the gym, you can wear all the pretty bra’s you’ve been collecting the last 6 weeks. You can walk around topless for hours at a time if you want to! It was glorious!

The verdict:
I don’t know if I was just really lucky, or I just made really good calculated decisions, but my breast surgery couldn’t have gone more smoothly than if I’d grown them myself. I would recommend Adrian Richards 1000% percent, in fact my best friend had her bazooks done by him in January this year (also couldn’t be happier). My confidence in my body image increased immensely and 3 years down the line I still love them as much as the day I first saw them.

Starting Measurements: 32a
Implants: 270cc Nagor Medium Profile Saline
Final Measurements: 32d (dd in some stores)
Surgeon: Mr Adrian Richard

Obviously, everything I am telling you is based on my experience. Melly my best friend who also had a great experience with the same surgeon, has a slightly different story: she had her surgery in London and was home on the same day. They also used a different glue with hers meaning she was able to shower after 2 days. Things have changed and evolved over the last 3 years as they should!  

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