Err Hello? Mojo?

Losing your mojo normally happens when a series of events distracts you from your current routine. You take a break, go on a vacay, meet someone new, it could be a number of things. Whilst sometimes these are planned distractions what starts as a week’s ‘break’ can quickly delve into a bit of mojo lacking rut.

As a creature of routine, I routinely get myself into these situations whenever I've given myself some time off and it causes me massive anxiety when I find myself in these ruts, so I thought id run through, what I do, what I’m doing to get myself out of one when it occurs.

Step 1: Embrace the rut. Its so easy to think there is something much deeper going on than we simply can’t be arsed right? Sometimes its just that we simply can’t be arsed. For an extended period. Facing that fact, accepting your current mind set and wanting to move past it, is the only way to get through this.

Step 2: Write lists, revisit your goals, revisit your why, revisit your earlier action notes, and rewrite it all.

Step 3: Tip stolen from my friend as she gets through her bikini prep: live hour by hour -  30 minutes by 30 minutes. Focus on the task in front of you.

Step 4: Do other things. Sometimes the reason we back ourselves into these rut corners is because it seems like the task right in front of us is too overwhelming. If this is the case, try and focus on other things that make you feel like you are being productive in areas of your life. The sense of satisfaction you get from the little things, often help to rebuild the self confidence your lacking to attack the bigger thing. Ya get me?

Step 5: Realise you’re not alone, even if they don’t admit to it, everyone goes through phases of mojo abandonment. It’s normal. We can’t all be superhumans 100% of the time, if we were then we’d have nothing to work towards and life would be boring.

So, stop giving yourself such a hard time. You’ve 100% got this handled, when you’re ready.

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