Monthly Reflections: May 2018

What went well?
May was amazing in so many ways, I really embraced my independence. I got back to regularly blogging and I had a great photoshoot. It was successful in many aspects.

What was challenging? 
My training really suffered this month, purely because I was here there and everywhere.
What did I learn this month? 
I really gotta do better at taking care of my insides.. like seriously. I ate so much junk through out may, then when my lady enemy mother nature kicked in my entire body swelled up and I was drained of all my energy. So that’s a major goal for June – Gut health.

What surprised me this month? 
I surprised myself by spontaneously jumping in my car, driving to Hatfield and getting into a music festival last minute, completely on my own. I was like who is this blonde? Totally worth biting the bullet on that one, had a great time!

Is there anything left over from this month you’d benefit from making peace with? 
Hmmmmmnnnn – other than my gut? Nah not really. Pretty banging month May! Thanks for having me!

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